General Józef Zachariasz Bem (1794-1850): Son of Poland, Hero of Hungary

Louis I. Nagy, Executive Secretary, Hungarian-American Club of Rochester
Sunday, September 29, 4:30 pm
Skalny Center Four-thirty Tea

LeChase Hall, Genrich-Rusling Room
Free and open to the public

General Józef Bem
Polish-Hungarian ties span eleven centuries and, nurtured by a common fate, have been overwhelmingly positive. An outstanding example was the role of General Józef Bem in Hungary’s 1848-49 Revolution and War of Independence against Habsburg absolutism and imperial Russian intervention. Bem enjoys an enduring legacy: the 1956 Revolt began at the foot of his statue in Budapest. The lecture will review his life, with emphasis on his action-filled year in Hungary and his inspirational role as a champion of liberty.