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Program Overview

Student Spotlight: Alex Lander

alex landerWhat were you doing prior to this program?

I graduated in 2015 from Syracuse University with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. I have spent the last two years working in the greater Philadelphia area as a Quality Engineer for Cognizant. While working as an engineer I gained valuable experience and met some outstanding and memorable colleagues, but it also reminded me of my capability to learn in tough situations and that I possess a drive to help other people. While I was being challenged, and excelled at my job, I did not have a passion for what I was doing. 

What drew you to attend the U of R's post-bac pre-health program?

I began to research academic opportunities and was pointed in the direction of University of Rochester by one of my siblings, who is an orthopedic resident in Rochester. I realized that exploring the human body would give me an opportunity to pursue a career that I passion and an opportunity to use my engineering curiosity to help others. The University of Rochester is assisting me in gaining all the necessary courses, medical experience, and prep work for the MCAT exam so I can apply and advance into medical school. After settling back into an academic routine, I have been able to stay active in hockey and CrossFit along with upcoming OR shadowing opportunities back home. 

What have you liked about your experience so far?

While I am only eight weeks into my Post-Bacc experience my hope is that the University of Rochester will allow me access to advisors who have a wealth of knowledge about the medical school application process and what it takes to get accepted. Additionally, I plan on using University of Rochester’s volunteer opportunities to gain valuable experience and insight into the medical field.  A Post-Bacc Program should give me an expanded network of medical personnel who I will be able to depend on throughout my career and mentoring opportunities for support throughout my medical school application process.