Master’s of Public Health 3-2 Program

The Department of Public Health Sciences in the School of Medicine and Dentistry offers a 3-2 program in public health.

The Master of Public Health (MPH) 3-2 Program is open to University of Rochester undergraduates who meet MPH program criteria and are accepted by the MPH Admissions Committee. This highly selective program allows talented undergraduates to get their bachelor’s degree and the MPH degree from the School of Medicine and Dentistry in five years, a savings of one year over the typical four-plus-two years if the two degrees are pursued sequentially.

Applicants apply in the spring of their junior year, with applications reviewed by the MPH Admissions Committee after the applicants’ second semester junior year grades are available. Successful applicants spend their senior year of college taking first-year MPH courses. The following year—year five—they complete the MPH requirements and receive the MPH degree.

Who Should Apply?

Becoming an MPH candidate in the 3-2 program is appropriate for mature college students with excellent academic credentials and significant real-world experience who make a strong case that the MPH degree is consistent with their career goals.

Early planning for the 3-2 program is essential. The MPH 3-2 program allows students to share up to nine credits between their undergraduate degree and their MPH.

Admission to the 3-2 MPH program is highly selective. The Admissions Committee looks for the following in its applicants:

  • An accomplished academic record
  • Demonstrated commitment to pursuing graduate study
  • Strong Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores
  • Community service, work experience, and participation in research relevant to public health are all considered favorably
  • Strong endorsements by referees who know the applicants in both academic and non-curricular settings are also helpful

Furthermore, because the MPH student body is predominately composed of adult students, the Admissions Committee looks for 3-2 applicants who have a high level of self-confidence and can hold their own in a diverse group of adult learners.

How to Apply

If you wish to apply for the MPH 3-2 program, submit your application materials online  by May 1 of your junior year.

Applications are reviewed by the Admissions Committee. Successful applicants are notified that they will be admitted to the MPH program for the following fall.

Successful Candidates

For the purposes of registration and financial aid, students will be considered in the College for the fourth year. During their fourth year, students take a combination of MPH courses and undergraduate courses. During their fifth year, students become graduate students in the School of Medicine and Dentistry, and complete all MPH requirements during that year.