Welcome to Physics 099

 Physics 099: introduction to the mathematical methods of physical science and engineering
University of Rochester, Fall semester 2017

PHY 099 -- formerly called PHY 101 -- is a zero-credit-hour Fall course, graded Credit/No Credit. It is a prerequisite for PHY 121/121P and PHY 122/122P, two of the gateway courses for physical science and engineering majors; one must take either PHY 099, or equivalently EAS 101-105, to take these introductory physics classes. Follow the links below, to find out more about it.
Why do I have to take PHY 099? There are good reasons -- find them in the PHY 099 FAQs.

Fast facts about PHY 099.
See also the syllabus and course overview for this semester's version of PHY 099.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about PHY 099 and the UR Basic Math Assessment (BMA).


For advisers and students: a more detailed description of PHY 099 and its operation.

Study guides, for your reference while problem-solving on the homework and mastery quizzes.

PHY 099 WeBWorK site: homework and mastery quizzes, for your use in preparation for the BMA.

Four practice BMAs, with solutions. No fair peeking at the solutions unless you have worked out the practice BMAs yourself.