Alumni 1950-1959

PHDName of Graduate Thesis Title Current Appointment Position Advisor Field
1959de Swart, Johan J.Photodisintegration of the deuteron in the medium energy range.Marshak, R.HET
1959Giacomelli, Giorgio M.[Pi] u+-[rho] elastic scattering at 30 Mev.Barnes, S.CYC 130"
1959Gotow, KazuoElastic scattering of polarized protons by helium at 203 Mev and 96 Mev.VPIProfessorHafner, E.CYC 130"
1959Hashimoto, YoshioApplication of dispersion relations; K[mu][nu] decay and leptonic decay of hyperon; photodisintegration of the deuteron.Elec.Engr.Dept, Shinshu Univ., JapanAlford, W. P.LET
1959Macfarlane, MalcolmStripping reactions and the structure of light and intermediate nuclei.Indiana Univ., BloomingtonProfessorFrench, J. B.LET
1959Santirocco, Raymond A.Analysis of the atmospheres of RR Lyrae and certain F-stars.Monroe CountyLegislatorSavedoff, M.P.AST
1959Seward, Fredrick DowningInelastic scattering of protons by magnesium, chromium, and other elements from 3.5 to 7 Mev.Alford, W. P.CYC 27"
1959Thwaites, Thomas T.Spin dependence of high energy proton scattering.Hafner, E.CYC 130"
1959Warner, Robert EdisonPolarization of 6 and 7 Mev protons elastically scattered by nuclei.OberlinProfessorAlford, W. P.CYC 27"
1959Woodruff, Arthur EdsonPart I: Semi-phenomenological analysis of the process p+p-->d + [Pi] near threshold. Part II: Proton-proton scattering with parity and time-reversal non-invariance.Marshak, R.HET
1958Fujii, AkihikoAbsorption of slow negative kaons in hydrogen and deuterium.Marshak, R.HET
1958Harding, Robert S.Asymmetry measurements in the scattering of 155 Mev. neutrons by carbon, aluminum, copper, cadmium and lead.Tinlot, J.CYC 130"
1958Johnson, William B.Measurement of the differential scattering cross section of 31.5 Mev. positive pions on hydrogen at the laboratory angles: 60 , 90 , and 135 .Platt, J. B.CYC 130"
1958Kane, Prabhakar P.Elastic scattering of positive pions by Carbon at 31.5 Mev.Hafner, E.CYC 130"
1958Klarmann, JosephOn the fluxes of the heavy component of the primary cosmic rays.Washington Univ.-St. LouisProfessor EmeritusKaplon, M.CR
1958Knox, Robert S.Exciton states in solid argon.Univ. RochesterProfessor EmeritusDexter, D. L.CMT
1958Miller, Douglas G.Differential cross-sections for [Pi] -P scattering at 25 Mev.Barnes, S.CYC 130"
1958Okubo, SusumuSome aspects of the covariant two-body problem.Univ. RochesterProfessor EmeritusFeldman, R.HET
1958Pike, John NazarianHole excitation in CdS.Dutton, D.SSE
1958Preskitt, Charles Aubrey Jr.Elastic scattering of protons by chromium, vanadium, iron, and cobalt.Alford, W. P.CYC 27"
1958Ring, James W.Backward scattering of positive pions by protons at 41.5 and 24.8 Mev.Barnes, S.CYC 130"
1958Signell, Peter S.Semi-phenomenological two-nucleon potential up to 150 Mev.Michigan StateProfessor EmeritusMarshak, R.HET
1958Sudarshan, E. C. GeorgePart I: The masses and electromagnetic properties of isotopic multiplets. Part II. The nature of the weak interactions and the decay of strange particles.Univ. Texas-AustinProfessorMarshak, R.HET
1957Pandya, Sudhir P.Theoretical study of certain light odd-odd nuclei / by Sudhir P. Pandya.French, J. B.LET
1957Regge, TullioOn the properties of spin 2 particles.Univ. TurinProfessorMarshak, R.HET
1957Spital, SidneyComplete neutron-proton differential cross section at 162 Mev and177+ 5 Mev.Roberts, A.CYC 130"
1956Awschalom, MiguelDouble beta-decay of Ca-48 and Zr-96.Fulbright, H.CYC
1956Baskir, EmanuelMeasurement of polarization in proton-proton scattering as a function of angle at 210, 170 and 130 Mev.Tinlot, J.CYC
1956Chesnut, Walter C.Polarization of 222 Mev protons elastically scattered from carbon.Roberts, A.CYC 130"
1956Gelernter, HerbertTwo-nucleon interaction at high energies and the Lbevy potential.Marshak, R.HET
1956Greene, John M.Higher-order corrections to the nucleon-nucleon potential in charge-symmetric pseudoscalar theory.Feldman, R.HET
1956Halbert, Edith ConradShell model for the even-parity states of N and general results for states of parity (-)uA in the nuclei 5 [less than or equal to] A [less than or equal to] 16.French, J. B.HET
1956Ohnuma, ShorokuPhase-shift analysis of high-energy nucleon-nucleon scattering.Feldman, R.HET
1956Raz, B. JamesTheoretical study of certain light nuclei.French, J. B.LET
1955Gatchell, Edwin K.Pion production in lithium.Platt, J. B.CYC 130"
1955Goodman, Charles DavidNew measurement of the beta-spectrum of rubidium 87 and the choice of Fermi interactions.Indiana Univ., BloomingtonProfessor EmeritusFulbright, H.CYC 27"
1955Halbert, Melvyn LeonardL series x-rays from pi-mesic atoms.Platt, J. B.CYC 130"
1955Koshiba, MasatoshiHigh energy electron-proton cascade in cosmic radiation.Univ. TokyoProfessorKaplon, M.CR
1955Nigam, Bishan P.Metastable states of the pion-nucleon system.Arizona StateProfessor EmeritusMarshak, R.HET
1954Auerbach, TheodoreIntermediate coupling in nuclear reactions.French, J. B.HET
1954Klein, DanielElastic proton-deuteron scattering in the pick-up region at 140, 170, and 200 Mev.Oxley, C.CYC 130"
1954McGuire, Austin D.K series x-rays from pi mesic atoms.Platt, J. B.CYC 130"
1954Noon, John H.Interactions of the heavy primary component of the cosmic radiation and measurement of the primary light element flux.Kaplan, M.CR
1954Shimamoto, YoshioSymmetry properties of three- and four-nucleon systems and the photodisintegration of the alpha particle.French, J. B.LET
1954Spry, William J.Charge-exchange scattering of [Pi] mesons by hydrogen at 42, 30, and 20 Mev.Roberts, A.CYC 130"
1953Angell, Cecil E.Total attenuation cross-sections for 37 Mev pions in hydrogen.Barnes, S.CYC
1953Perry, John P.Differential cross sections for positive pion-proton scattering at 40 Mev.Barnes, S.CYC 130"
1953Petschek, Albert G.On the absorption of slow negative pions in alpha particles.New Mexico Inst. of Mining & Tech.Professor EmeritusMarshak, R.HET
1953Schulte, Harry J.X rays from mesic atoms.Platt, J. B.CYC 130"
1953Tenney, Fredrick H.Positive pi meson interactions in beryllium.Tinlot, J.CYC 130"
1952Bromley, D. AllanGround state parities of N and C .YaleSterling Prof. of the Sciences, Dean of EngineeringFulbright, H.CYC 27"
1952Clark, Donald L.Relative differential cross sections for production of 40 Mev [pi] and [pi] mesons in seven elements by 240 Mev protons.Barnes, S.CYC 130"
1952Daitch, Paul B.Part I: High energy nucleon deuteron scattering. Part II: The Be (p,d) Be pickup reaction.French, J. B.HET
1952Francis, Norman C.Photoproduction of [pi]j-mesons.Marshak, R.HET
1952Goldfarb, Lionel J. B.High energy proton-proton scattering and associated polarization effects.Feldman, D.HET
1952Goldman, Leonard M.Elastic scattering of 6.5 Mev protons from copper.Univ of Rochester ME Dept/LLEProfessor (Emeritus,ret)Fulbright, H.CYC 27"
1952Guernsey, Gordon L.Experimental determination of the angular distribution in neutron-proton scattering for 215 Mev neutrons.Roberts, A.CYC 130"
1952McCarthy, John A.Experiment in double beta decay.Fulbright, H.CYC 27"
1952Messiah, Albert M.L.Some contributions to the [Pi] meson 3-nucleon problems.Marshak, R.HET
1952Mott, George RobsonTotal cross sections of carbon and hydrogen for high energy neutrons.Roberts, A.CYC 130"
1952Nelson, Bruce K.Neutron spectra from beryllium, carbon, and lead bombarded by 240 Mev protons.Roberts, A.CYC 130"
1952Siegmund, Walter P.An investigation of the absorption by selenium in the soft x-ray region.Givens, P.OPT
1951Cheston, Warren B.Interaction of charged pi mesons with deuterium.Marshak, R.HET
1951Harris, William M.Evidence for a nuclear energy level in Li .Van Voorhies, S. N.CYC 27"
1951Kaplon, Morton F.Meson production.Marshak, R.HET
1951Perry, Alfred M.Inelastic collisions of 240 Mev protons in nuclear emulsions.Barnes, S.CYC 130"
1951Reynolds, Harry L.Energy spectum [!] of the heavy primary cosmic radiation.Peters, B./BradtCR
1951Schamberger, Robert D.Proton-deuteron scattering at 240 Mev.Oxley, C.CYC 130"
1951Swartz, Clifford E.High energy neutron collisions with helium.SUNY-Stony BrookAdjunct ProfessorTinlot, JCYC 130"
1951Towler, Oscar A.Proton-proton scattering at 240 MeV by a magnetic deflection method.Oxley, C.CYC 130"
1950Caianiello, Eduardo B.Investigation of the decay and absorption of mesons. Part I: Beta-decay and the possible electron-decay of the [pi]-meson. Part II: On the spin of the [mu]-meson.Marshak, R.HET
1950Rouvina, JamesProton-proton scattering in the energy range of 3.4 to 7.5 Mev.Van Voorhies, S. N.CYC 27"
1950Simon, AlbertBremsstrahlung in high energy nucleon-nucleon collisions and radiative corrections to meson-nucleon scattering.Univ. RochesterProf., Physics and Mech.Engr.Marshak, R.HET
1950Tamor, StephenAbsorption of slow [Pi] mesons by deuterons.Marshak, R.HET