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Hopeman Memorial Carillon

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The Genesee (1895) - University Alma Mater (2:14): by Thomas T. Swinburne, Class of 1892; arrangement by Herve D. Wilkins, Class of 1866; performed on the Hopeman Memorial Carillon by Daniel Harrison.

Rochester Quarters (2000) (0:53): by Daniel Harrison, former Department of Music professor. Composed in honor of the University's sesquicentennial celebration. read more about the theory of the Rochester Quarters

Livestream archival video of Joey Brink concert, in duet with Vera (July 6, 2015)

Opening theme to Harry Potter (4:48): played by Jeff Le, Class of 2007. Clip from February of 2008.

For more information on the Hopeman Memorial Carillon, contact the  at (585) 275-2828.