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Undergraduate Program

Upper Level Writing Requirement - OLD

These are OLD REQUIREMENTS. Go here for the new requirements.


The department believes that the ability to write coherently on a mathematical topic, in a way that is acceptable to the general mathematical community, is an essential part of a successful major in mathematics.

To satisfy the upper level writing requirement, students must pass two courses, which may be any of the following types:

  • An upper level, four credit mathematics course carrying a W designation, including MTH 200W or MTH 300W
  • MTH 391W, a one credit course, taken in conjunction with either MTH 174 or any 200 level mathematics course with the prior approval of the instructor, or independently of any course in consultation with a faculty member
  • At most one 4-credit course, approved in advance by the student's adviser in the mathematics department, satisfying the upper level writing requirement in another department. Note: WRT 275 (Communicating Your Professional Identity in Mathematics) is treated as an upper level writing course from another department.

A course can simultaneously satisfy both the Advanced Course Requirement and the Upper Level Writing Requirement. For example, MTH 200W can count as both an advanced mathematics course and a writing requirement course at the same time. Likewise, ECO 231W can count simultaneously as a significant math content course and a writing requirement course. To continue the example, a student who takes both MTH 200W and ECO 231W as part of their Advanced Course Requirements will have satisfied their Upper Level Writing Requirement completely without having to take any additional courses. Of course, these are just examples; the point is that the Upper Level Writing Requirement does not necessarily require additional courses beyond the Advanced Course Requirement (though in some cases it might).

Honors BA and Honors BS students take MTH 393W Senior Project, which counts as one of their Upper Level Writing Requirement courses.