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Ever since its inauguration thirty years ago, the Arezzo Program continues to provide a unique opportunity to students who want to make the most out of study abroad. The uniqueness of the Arezzo Program lies in the:

  • Original structure and content
  • Direct involvement of University of Rochester faculty
  • Small size
  • Custom-made character
  • Individualized attention to students
  • Ideal urban and living environment
  • Highly qualified and involved staff
  • Professional, caring, and imaginative leadership

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The objective of the Arezzo Program is to provide students with an authentic experience in Italy while learning about Italian culture through course work, immersion in community life, cultural activities, and study-related travel. A five-course curriculum including a creative writing workshop, archeology and architecture in the Grand Tour, narrative documentary filmmaking, Italian language, and community-based activities fosters learning across departmental and disciplinary boundaries and privileges a contextual and interactive approach as well as constituting a humanities cluster.

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Along with traditional classroom instruction, a good portion of the teaching in the Arezzo Program takes place on location: before a painting in a museum or a monument inside a church, in a Roman archeological site, in an observatory, in a medieval castle, in a Renaissance palace, or in an urban or natural setting, as the subject matter requires.

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Interaction of University of Rochester students with local students as well as international students studying in Arezzo is worked into the curriculum through the Cultural Studies course. A program involving a variety of hands-on cultural activities and experiences flanks the language program.

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Residential Life

Students live in private apartments or residences in close proximity to the city center. Meals are in small local restaurants, cafès, and are self-catered. Laundry facilities are near housing.

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The Arezzo Program is totally integrated within the academic system of the University of Rochester. It is designed, maintained, administered, and directed by the University of Rochester and its appointed faculty and staff. The University establishes and guarantees the educational standards of the Program itself.

The Program is co-directed by Donatella Stocchi-Perucchio—Associate Professor of Italian in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures at the University of Rochester, and native of Arezzo—and Donna Logan, former Lecturer of English in the Arezzo Branch of the University of Siena, native of the United States, and long-standing resident of Arezzo.

Other Features:

  • No prior study of Italian is required—classes are taught in English.
  • Language instruction is customized to the individual needs of the participants.
  • Special opportunities are available at the University of Arezzo for students with advanced knowledge of Italian.
  • Sophomores and juniors are eligible to apply.
  • Cost of the program is virtually equivalent to the cost of one semester spent on campus (tuition plus living expenses). Students who receive UR financial aid may apply it towards the program.

For University of Rochester students only:

  • Constitutes a full humanities cluster
  • Fulfills most of the requirements for an Italian minor
  • Strongly recommended to students who aspire to achieve an individualized Major in Italian Studies

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