Masters for UR Linguistic Majors

The Department of Linguistics offers our undergraduate majors an opportunity to enroll in our masters programs at 1/2 tuition. They may complete an MA or MS in Linguistics in one year, following the completion of their BA.

The masters programs are:

  • MA in Linguistics
  • MA in Language Documentation
  • MS in Computational Linguistics (jointly with the Department of Computer Science) 

Undergraduate students interested in these programs should begin planning in their junior year. They may transfer 10 credits into their masters program. The transferred credits will need to be 400 level classes (400 level version of the 200 level classes). Students need to apply to the masters program following the regular timeline and by the deadline on the masters program page.

For information on the content and requirements of these programs, please consult the appropriate program page on this website.

Undergraduate students who are interested in this program are encouraged to talk to the Undergraduate Advisor, Asia Pietraszko or to the Director of Graduate Studies, Aaron White. Admission to the program is competitive.