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Undergraduate Programs

Minor in Jewish Studies


  • JST 106: Introduction to Hebrew Bible (cross-listed with REL 101)
  • ST 113: History of Judaism (cross-listed with REL 103)
  • Four additional JST courses, including up to two courses in Hebrew language

Cluster in Jewish Studies


This cluster permits students to study Jewish history, culture, language, literature, and religion, from ancient Israel through contemporary America.

Cluster in Judaism


This cluster enables students to probe central issues in Judaism, within the broader contexts of its foundational texts, beliefs, and rituals.

Main Contacts:

Caleb Rood: Program Coordinator, Center for Jewish Studies; Administrative Assistant, Religion and Classics, 585.275.7780

Michela Andreatta: Program Coordinator, Jewish Studies Program; Assistant Professor of Hebrew, 585.275.7465

Aaron Hughes: Director, Center for Jewish Studies; Philip S. Bernstein Professor of Jewish Studies, 585.275.9359

Nora Rubel: Chair, Religion and Classics; Associate Professor of Religion, 585.275.7215

For additional information, contact the Department of Religion and Classics.