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Mary Young Headshot

Mary Young

  • Professor Emeritus of History

PhD, Cornell University


American History

Research Overview

I am currently working on a book, The American Republic and the Cherokee Nation--perspectives on the removal of the Cherokee from Appalachia to Oklahoma from the points of view of the federal government, the surrounding states, missionaries, and the Cherokee Nation. I am also interested in questions of violent and non-violent conflict resolution on the Indian frontier.

Selected Publication Covers

Selected Publications

  • "John Ross: Cherokee Chief and Defender of the Nation," in Michael Morrison, ed., The Human Tradition in Antebellum America (2000).
  • "Conflict Resolution on the Indian Frontier," Journal of the Early Republic (1996).
  • "The Dark and Bloody but Endlessly Inventive Middle Ground of Indian Frontier Historiography," Journal of the Early Republic (1993).
  • "The Exercise of Sovereignty in Cherokee Georgia," Journal of the Early Republic (1990).
  • "Racism in Red and Black: Indians and Other Free People of Color in Georgia Law, Politics, and Removal Policy," Georgia Historical Quarterly (1989).
  • "Tribal Reorganization in the Southeast, 1800-1840," in The Struggle for Political Autonomy(1989).
  • "Pagans, Christians, and Backsliders, All: A Secular View of the Metaphysics of Indian-White Relations," in Calvin Martin, ed., The American Indian and the Problem of History (1987).
  • "The Indian Question Revisited," Marxist Perspectives (1978).
  • "The Cherokee Nation: Mirror of the Republic," American Quarterly (1981).
  • "The West and American Cultural Identity: New Themes and Old Variations," Western Historical Quarterly (1970).
  • The Frontier in American Development: Essays in Honor of Paul Wallace Gates, ed. with D. Ellis, et al. (1969).
  • Redskins, Ruffleshirts and Rednecks: Indian Land Allotments in Alabama and Mississippi, 1830-1860 (1961).