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Department Workshop

The Department Workshop is a forum for the presentation of work-in-progress by department faculty and graduate students. The Workshop meets (roughly) every second Friday during the academic year at 12:45 p.m. Lunch is provided for all participants. The paper for each session will be available at least a week prior to its presentation via email and a link on this page. We warmly invite anyone interested at the University or in the greater Rochester community to attend the Workshop.

Questions about the department workshop should be directed to the convener, Dahpon Ho, at

Fall 2019 Schedule

September 13Laura Smoller, “Looking for the End in Late Medieval Germany: Wolfgang Aytinger’s Commentary on Pseudo-Methodius”Gamble Room
October 11Jon Greenwood, “To Move an Obstinate Heart: Miraculous Conversions in Counter-Reformation Print Culture”Humanities Center, Conference Room D
November 8Justin Ramsey, “Soviet Socialism and Communism in 1952: Stalin’s Economic Problems of Socialism”Humanities Center, Conference Room D
December 6Tucker Million, “A Most Unconquerable King: Robert of Anjou and the Power of Tradition, c. 1300-1342”Humanities Center, Conference Room D


Spring 2020 Schedule

January 24Carrie Knight, “‘Religious Engagements’: Women Asserting Themselves through Faith”  Gamble Room
February 14Michelle Furlano (Ridout), “Politics on a Pedestal: The History of the Frederick Douglass Monument”Gamble Room
March 20Katrina Ponti, title TBA (On an American travel diary and soft diplomacy 1783-1818)Gamble Room
April 3Dahpon Ho, “Troubled Waters: Imperial & National Rivalries in the Western Pacific Ocean, Past and Present”Gamble Room