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Foundation Courses

Courses listed are subject to change. View all GSW courses and descriptions on our master course list, or contact SBAI for up-to-date listings. 

Humanities Foundation Courses

GSW 105: Sex and Power
GSW 123/AH 100: Introduction to Visual and Cultural Studies
GSW 204/AH 355: Feminist Film Theory
GSW 205/PHL 171: Philosophical Foundations of Feminism
GSW 212: Queer Theory
GSW 221/AH 205: Representing Differences
GSW 223/ENG 223: Madness, Marriage, and Monstrosity: The Woman Reader, the Woman Writer, and the 19th-Century Novel
GSW 224/AH 276: Gender and Representation
GSW 225/AH 259: Women, Cloth and Culture 
GSW 239/REL 220: Jewish Women’s Writing
GSW 240/ENG 126: Writing Women’s Lives
GSW 243/ENG 243: Major Authors: Jane Austen
GSW 243/ENG 243: Major Authors: The Brontes
GSW 244/FR 243: Mutilated Bodies, Mutilated Discourse
GSW 247/ENG 248: Contemporary Women’s Writing
GSW 256/SP 260: Latin American Women Writers
GSW 260/AH 213: Race and Gender in Popular Film
GSW 264/CLT 216: Women in Hispanic Film
GSW 271/GER 220: Sexuality and Gender
GSW 272/GER 272: Gender and Sexuality in the 20th Century
GSW 273/JPN 273: Japanese Women Writers
GSW 288/CLT 212: Mothers, Comrades and Whores
GSW 291/REL 207: Women in Early Christianity
GSW 339/ENG 230: Contemporary Black Women Writers 

Social Sciences Foundation Courses

GSW 103/LIN 103: Language and Sexuality
GSW 200: History of Feminism/Colloquium in Women’s Studies
GSW 206: Feminism, Gender and Health
GSW 210: LGBTQ Experiences in US History
GSW 249: Women, Activism, and Social Change
GSW 266/CSP 267: Psychology of Gender
GSW 296/HIS 314: International Human Rights 
GSW 235/HIS 234: History of Masculinity
GSW 219/HIS: Politics of Sport: Race, Gender, and National Identity in Athletic Competition
GSW 200/HIS: History of Feminism
GSW 208/HIS: The Case of Sherlock Holmes: Race, Gender, and Crime in the British Empire
GSW 213: Race, Gender, and the Environment (staring spring 2017)

Other Foundation Courses

GSW 290/EDE 440: LGBTQ Issues in Education and Human Development