English 333: Theatre in England

* = Seen (or attended) by some but not everyone in the group.

Monday, December 29

7:45 p.m

J. B. Priestley. An Inspector Calls (1945). Dir. Stephen Daldry. Design by Ian MacNeil. Lighting by Rick Fisher. Music by Stephen Warbeck. Cast: Pip Miller (Inspector Goole), Alison Fiske (Sybil Birling), John Bardon (Arthur Birling), Andrew Bridgmont (Gerald Croft), Helen Franklin (Sheila Birling), Jamie Hinde (Eric Birling), Georgina Beer (Edna).

Garrick Theatre

Tuesday, December 30

2:15 p.m.

Tom Stoppard. The Invention of Love (1997). Dir. Richard Eyre. World Premiere. Design by Anthony Ward. Lighting by Peter Mumford. Music by Dominic Muldowney. Cast: John Wood (AEH). Michael Bryant (Charon/ Chairman of Selection Committee), Paul Rhys (Housman), Stephen Mapes (Pollard), Robert Portal (Jackson), William Chubb (The Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University/Pattison/Postgate), Robin Soans (Pater/Harris), Ben Porter (A Balliol Student/Chamberlain), Benjamin Whitrow (Ruskin), John Carlisle (Jowett/Stead), Paul Benzing (Ellis/Member of Selection Committee/Jerome), Emma Dewhurst (Katharine), Michael Fitzgerald (Bunthorne), Benjamine Whitrow (Labouchère), Michael Fitzgerald (Wilde).

Lyttelton Theatre
7:30 p.m. Prokofieff's Cinderella . Directed and Choreographed by Matthew Bourne. World Premiere. With the New London Orchestra. Design by Lez Brotherston. Lighting by Rick Fisher. An Adventures in Motion Pictures Production. Cast: Ewan Wardrop (The Pilot), Isabel Mortimer (The Stepmother), Saranne Curtin (Cinderella), Michela Meazza & Emily Piercy (The Stepsisters), Scott Ambler, Ben Wright, Andrew Walkinshaw (The Stepbrothers), Barry Atkinson (The Father), Teresa Barker & Jacqueline Anderson (The Girlfriends), Phil Hill and Neil Penlington (The Boyfriends), William Kemp and Andrew Corbett (Heroes), Theo Clinkard (The Angel).
Piccadilly Theatre

Wednesday, December 31

2:00 p.m. Edmond Rostand. Cyrano de Bergerac (1897). Translated and adapted by Anthony Burgess. Dir. Gregory Doran. Design by Robert Jones. Lighting by Howard Harrison. Music by Ilona Sekacz. Fights by Malcolm Ranson. Cast: Antony Sher (Cyrano de Bergerac), Alexandra Gilbreath (Roxane), Raymond Coulthard (Christian de Neuvillette, a young baron from Normandy), Ken Bones (Comte de Guiche), Darlene Johnson (Duenna, Roxane's chaperon), Gary Powell (Le Bret, Captain of the Guards), Nicholas Blane (Montfleury/Capuchin), Simon Chadwick (Vicomte de Valvert), Jonathan Drysdale (The Marquis/Spanish Officer), Robert Goodale (Citizen'Exquisite), Katherine Grice (Precieuse/Sister Claire), Robert Horwell (Bellerose/Cavalryman), Stephanie Jacob (Lise, Ragueneau's wife/Mother Marguerite), Michael Jenn (Lignière, the drunken poet/LIse's musketeer), Gerald Kyd (Citizen's son/Cook's apprentice), Alan Perrin (Pickpocket/Jodelet), Carbon de Castel-Jaloux, Captain of the Gascony Cadets).
Lyric Theatre
7:15 p.m.

J. M. Barrie. Peter Pan, or, The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up (1904). Dir. John Caird with Fiona Laird and Trevor Nunn. Version by Jonathan Dove. Settings by John Napier. Lighting by David Hersey. Music by Stephen Oliver. Cast: Alec McCowen (The Storyteller), Ian McKellen (Mr. Darling/Captain James Hook), Jenny Agutter (Mrs. Darling/The Never Bird), Claudie Blakley (Wendy), Adrian Ross-Magenty (John), Daniel Hart (Michael), Jan Knightley (Nana/ Noodles), Liza Hayden (Liza), Daniel Evans (Peter Pan), Sally-Ann Burnett (The Voice of Tinkerbell/Mermaid), Daniel Coonan (Slightly), Wayne Cater (Tootles), Harold Finley (Nibs), Jonny Hoskins (Curly), Mark Channon (First Twin), Dominic McHale (Second Twin), Anthony Venditti (Cecco), Liam McKenna (Bill Jukes), Michael Mawby (Cookson), Bryan Robson (Gentleman Starkey), Patrick Romer (Skylights), Clive Rowe (Smee), Robert Aldous (Robert Mullins), Murray McArthur (Great Big Little Panther), Natalie Tinn (Tiger Lily), Michelle Abrahams (Indian/Mermaid/Jane), Naomi Capron (Indian/Mermaid), Jim Creighton (Indian/Chay Turley), Ben Mangham (Indian/ Canary Robb), Simon Penman (Alsatian Foggerty).

Olivier Theatre

Thursday, January 1

2:00 p.m. William Shakespeare. The Merry Wives of Windsor (1600). Dir. Ian Judge. Design by Tim Goodchild. Lighting by Simon Tapping. Music by John White. Cast: Leslie Phillips (Sir John Falstaff), Lucas Rush (Hobin, his page), Edward Petherbridge (Frank Ford), Susannah York (Alice Ford, his wife), Paul Greenwood (George Page), Joanna McCallum (Meg Page, his wife), Claire Marchionne (Anne Page, their daughter), Nicholas Deigman (William Page, their son), John Kane (Sir Hugh Evans, a Welsh parson), Howard Crossley (Host of the Garter Inn), Guy Henry (Dr. Caius, a French doctor), Cherry Morris (Mistress Quickley, his housekeeper), Christopher Gee (John Rugby, his servant), Peter Reeves (Robert Shallow, esquire). Christopher Luscombe (Abraham Slender), Toby Longworth (Peter Simple, his servant), David Hobbs (Bardolph), David Glover (Nym), Barry Aird (Pistol), Jo Stonne-Fewings (Fenton, a gentleman), Ignatius Anthony (John), Rod Arthur (Robert).
Barbican Theatre
7:15 p.m Henrik Ibsen. Little Eyolf (1896). Dir. Adrian Noble. Design by Rob Howell. Lighting by Jean Kalman. Cast: Robert Glenister (Alfred Allmers). Joanne Pearce (Rita, his wife), Nicholas Robinson (Little Eyolf, their son, age nine), Derbhle Crotty (Asta Allmers, Alfred's yiounger half-sister), Damian Lewis (Borgbejm (an engineer), Bridget Turner (The Rat Wife).
The Pit

Friday, January 2

7:00 p.m. William Shakespeare. Othello (1603). Dir. Sam Mendes. Design by Anthony Ward. Lighting by Paul Pyant. Music by Paddy Cunneen. Cast: Crispin Letts (Roderigo), Simon Russell Beale (Iago), Trevor Peacock (Brabantio), David Harewood (Othello), Colin Tierney (Cassio), Clifford Rose (Duke of Venice), Ken Oxtoby (First Senator/Third Cyprus Soldier), Fergus Webster (Second Senator), James Hayes (Third Senator), Jamie Leene (Fourth Senator/Second Cyprus Soldier), Francis Maguire (Servant to the Senate/First Cyprus Soldier), Claire Skinner (Desdemona), James Hayes (Montano), Fergus Webster (Clown), Maureen Beattie (Emilia), Indira Varma (Bianca), Clifford Rose (Lodovico), Trevor Peacock (Gratiano).
Cottesloe Theatre

Saturday, January 3

2:00 p.m. Thomas Kyd. The Spanish Tragedy (1584-90). Dir. Michael Boyd. With Peter Wright (Hieronimo), Siobhan Redmond (Belimperial), Durrell D'Silva (Balthazar), Tristan Sturrock (Horratio), Robert Glenister (Lorenzo), Patrice Naiambana (Don Andrea), Jeffry Wickham (King of Spain).
The Pit Theatre
7:15 p.m.

William Shakespeare. Hamlet (1601), Dir. Matthew Warchus. Music by Gary Yershon. Cast: Alex Jennings (Hamlet), Susannah York (Gertrude), Paul Freeman (Claudius), David Ryall (Polonius), Derbhle Crotty (Ophelia), William Houston (Laertes), Colin Hurley (Horatio), Paul Jesson (First Gravedigger), Edward Petherbridge (Ghost/Player King).

Barbican Theatre

Sunday, January 4

*11:15 a.m. Sung Eucharist. Westminster Abbey. Sung by the Cathedral Chamber Choir. Tomas Luis de Victoria (c. 1548-1611): Missa O Quam Gloriosum .
*1:00 p.m. Richard Parsons. The Tigers of the Mind (1997). Play I: Bodyguard ; Play II: Counselling . Dir. Mark Nash. With Scott Demper, Tracy Russell, and Tony O'Brien.
The King's Head
5:00 p.m.

Yasmina Reza. Art . Translated by Christopher Hampton. Directed by Matthew Warchus. Design by Mark Thompson. Lighting by Hugh Vanstone. Music by Gary Yershon. Produced by David Pugh and Sean Connery. Cast: Malcolm Steorry (Marc), Nigel Havers (Serge), Ron Cook (Yvan).

Wyndhams Theatre
*7:00 p.m. T. S. Eliot's The Wasteland . Dir. Deborah Warner. With Fiona Shaw.
Wilton's Music Hall

Monday, January 5

2:00 p.m. Hans Christian Anderson. The Snow Queen . Adapted by Katrina Wilson. Dir. Francis Alexander. Set by Philippe Brandt. Lighting by Hartley Kemp. Cast: Helen Alexander (The Snow Queen), Gillian McCafferty (Gerda), James Rochfort (Kay/Henchman), James Holmes (Flower/Crow/Henchman), Kellie Batchelor (Flower/Crow/Bandit Princess).
Chelsea Centre Theatre
5:15 p.m. Guided Tour of the National Theatre
7:15 p.m. Patric Marber. Closer . World Premiere. Dir. Patrick Marber. Designer Vicki Mortimer. Lighting by Hugh Vanstone. Music by Paddy Cunneen. Cast: Liza Walker ( Alice ), Mark Strong (Dan), Neil Dudgeon (Larry), Sally Dexter (Anna).
Lyttelton Theatre

Tuesday, January 6

2:00 p.m. Henrik Ibsen. An Enemy of the People (1882). Translated by Christopher Hampton (1997). Dir. Trevor Nunn. Settings by John Napier. Lighting David Hersey. Music by Steven Edis. Cast: Ian McKellen (Dr. Tomas Stockmann, the Mayor's younger brother, Medical Office of the Baths), Penny Downie (Katerine Stockmann, Tomas Stockmann's wife), Marston Bloom (Billing, a journalist), Stephen Moore (Peter Stockmann, Mayor, Chief of Police, Chairman of the Board of the Baths), Alisdair Simpson (Captain Horster), Lucy Whybrow (Petra Stockmann, a teacher, Tomas & Caterine Stockmann's daughter), Kal Pearce & Edward Brown (Morten & Ejlif Stockmann, Tomas and Katherine's sons), Ralph Nossek (Morten Kiil, Tannery owner, Mrs. Stockmann's foster-father), John Woodvine (Aslaksen, a printer), Sally-Ann Burnett (Randine, the Stockmann maid), Edward Clayton, Michael Mawby, & Robert Aldous (Lamstad, Knudson, & Thoresen, tradesmen), Bryan Robson, Alan Brown, Michael Haughey (Mr. Vik, Bjornson, & Hansen, councillors and property owners), Alan White (Pastor Grimstad), Seymour Mathews (Pettersen, a timber merchant and drunk), Chris Gillespie (Evensen, a sea captain), Patrick Romer (Osvald, a support of Dr. Stockmann), Naomi Capron (Mrs. Busk, a school teacher), Murray McArthur & Jim Creighton (Engstrand & Lammers, council employees), Guy Manning (Stabell, a newspaper reporter).
Olivier Theatre
7:15 p.m.

Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur. Front Page (1928). New Version by Christopher Hampton (1997). Dir. Trevor Nunn. Cast: Nicholas Gleaves (Wilson: The American ), Ian Gelder (Endicott: The Post ), Martin Marquez (Murphy: Journal ), Mark Benton (McCue: City News Desk ), Hilton McRae (Schwartz: Daily News ), Keith Bartlett (Kruger: Journal of Commerce), Adam Godley (Bensinger: The Tribune ), Tilly Tremayne (Mrs. Schlosser), John Hodgkinson (Woodenshoes Eichorn), Tim McMullan (Diamond Louie), Lizzy McInnerny (Mollie Malloy), Ian Bartholomew (Sheriff Hartman), Rebecca Johnson (Peggy Grant), Tilly Tremayne (Mrs. Grant), Christopher Benjamin (The Mayor), Neil Caple (Mr. Pincus), Simon Gregor (Earl Williams), Alun Armstrong (Walter Burns).

Donmar Warehouse

Wednesday, January 7

2:30 p.m. Fred Ebb and John Kander. Chicago : The Drop Dead Musical (1975). Dir. Walter Bobbie. choreography by Ann Reinking. Book by Fred Ebb and Bob Fosse. Caste: Vanessa Leach-Hicks (Go-to-Hell Kitty), Ute Lemper (Velma Kelly), Ruthie Henshall (Roxie Hart), Rohan Seinor (Fred Casely), Cavin Cornwall (Sergeant Fogarty), Nigel Planer (Amos Hart), Cat Lawrence (Liz), Lisa Stevens (Annie), Jacqui Boatswain (June)Hunyak (Michelle Hodgson), Jacqui Jameson (Mona), Meg Johnson (Matron Mama Morton), Henry Goodman (Billy Flynn), C. Shirvell (Mary Sunshine), Mark Vincent (Harry), Cavin Cornwall (Doctor), Stuart MacDonald (Aaron), Mark Vincent (The Judge), Daniel Crossley (Bailiff), Thom Graham (Martin Harrison), Daniel Crossley (Court Clerk), Graeme Conway (The Jury).
Adelphi Theatre
7:30 p.m. Eugène Ionesco. The Chairs . Translation by Martin Crimp. Directed & Choreographed by Simon McBurney. Design by Quay Brothers. Lighting by Paul Anderson. Sound by Paul Arditti. Cast: Richard Briers (Old Man), Geraldine McEwan (Old Woman), Mick Barnfather (The Orator), Sarah Baxter and others (people).

Duke of York (Royal Court Downstairs)

In Stratford

Thursday, January 8

1:30 p.m.

William Shakespeare. The Merchant of Venice (1597). Dir. Gregory Duran. Set by Robert Jones. Lighting by Howard Harrison. Music by Corin Buckeridge. Cast: Julian Curry (Antonio, a merchant), Andrew Ufondu (Salerio), Andrew Maud (Solanio), Scott Handy (Bassanio), Lorenzo (Dominic Rowan), John Dougall ((Gratiano), Leonardo (Alan Stocks (servant to Bassanio), Philip Voss (Shylock), Jimmy Chisholm (Launcelot Gobbio, servant to Shylock), Emma Handy (Jessica, Shylock's daughter), Griffith Jones (Tubal), Sandy Mcnab (Duke of Venice), Giles Taylor (Clerk of the Court), Helen Schlesinger (Portia), Sian Reeves (Nerissa, her waiting woman), Rowan MacCallum (Balthasar, her servant), Lisa Reeves & Alexandra Summer (Ladies attending on Portia), Evroy Deer (Prince of Morocco), Colin George (Prince of Arragon).

Royal Shakespeare Theatre
7:30 p.m. Ben Jonson. Bartholomew Fair (1614). Dir. Laurence Boswell. Design by Tom Piper. Lighting by Adam Silverman. Music by Simon Bass. Cast: Stephen Boxer (John Littlewit, a proctor), Poppy Miller (Win Littlewit, his wife), Susan Tracy (Dame Purecraft, her mother, a widow), Davod Jemru (Zeal-of-the-land Busy, suitor to Purecraft), Zubin Varla (Winwife, a gentleman), Rob Edwards (Quarlous, his companion, a gamester), Tom Goodman-Hill (Bartholomew Kokes, an esquire of Harrow), Gavin Muir (Humphrey Wasp, his man), John Quale (Adam Overdo, a Justice of the Peace), Dame Overdo, his wife (Caroline Harris), Katy Odey (Grace Wellborn, his ward). At the Fair: Mark Hadfield (Lantern Leatherhead, a hobby-horse seller), Maureen Purkis (Joan Trash, a gingerbread-woman), Owen Sharpe (Ezekial Edgworth, a cutpurse), Jon Clairmonte (Nightingale, a ballad-singer), Carol Macready (Ursla, a pig-woman), James Tucker (Mooncalf, her tapster), Steve Swinscoe (Dan `Jordan Knockem,' a horse-courser), John Clairmonte (Puppy, a wrestler), David Henry (Northern, a clothier), John Straiton (Captain Whit, a bawd/Pocher, a beadle), Kevork Malikyan (Trouble-all, a madman), Archie Lal (Haggis, a watchman), Jake Nightingale (Bristle, a watchman), Paul Popplewell (Sharkwell, a doorkeeper), James Tucker (Filcher, a doorkeeper), Tina Gambe (Punk Alice).
Swan Theatre
Back in London
Friday, January 9
8:00 p.m. Edward Albee. A Delicate Balance (1966). Dir. Anthony Page. Design by Carl Toms. Lighting by Howard Harrison. Cast: Eileen Atkins (Agnes), John Standing (Tobias), Maggie Smith (Claire), Annette Crosbie (Edna), James Laurenson (Harry), Sian Thomas (Julia).
Haymarket Theatre

Saturday, January 10

*2:00 p.m. David Hare. Amy's View (1997). Dir. Richard Eyre. Design by Bob Crowley. Lighting by Mark Henderson. Cast: Eoin McCarthy (Dominic Tyghe), Samantha Bond (Amy Thomas), Joyce Redman (Evelyn Thomas), Judi Dench (Esme Allen), Ronald Pickup (Frank Oddie), Christopher Staines (Toby Cole).
Aldwych Theatre
*3:00 p.m. Nikolai Gogol. The Government Inspector . Adapted by John Byrne. Dir. Jonathan Kent. Design by Rob Howell. Lighting Mark Henderson. Music by Jonathan Dove. Cast: Ian McDiarmid (Lord Provost), Tom Watson (Magistrate), Peter Kelly (Parish Boots/Charities Commissioner), Brian Pettifer (Schools Board), Karn Falconer (Dr. Gibner/Dress Shop), Alex McAvoy (Postmaster), Moray Hunter (Bochinsky), Stuart McQuarrie (Dobchinsky), Iain Andrew (Mishka), Ian McColl (Chief Constable), Terry Neason (Anna), Hathryn Howden (Marya), Brian Murphy (Osip), Tom Hollander (Khiestakov), Ronnie Lotham (Waiter/Abdulin), Dirk Robertson (Large Policeman), Nick Malinowski & Steven McMurray (Shkop Keepers).
Almeida Theatre
5:45 p.m. Dinner at Mon Plaisir
7:45 p.m. Oscar Wilde. An Ideal Husband (1895). Dir. Peter Hall. Design by Carl Toms. Lighting by Joe Atkins. Cast: Simon Ward (Sir Robert Chiltern, Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs), Madeleine Potter (Lady Chiltern, his wife), Victoria Hasted (Miss Mabel Chiltern, his sister), Michael Denison (The Earl of Caversham), Martin Shaw (Lord Goring, his son), Kate O'Mara (Mrs. Cheveley), Dulcie Gray (Lady Markby), James Kemp (Vicomte de Nanjac), Kate Gielgud (Lady Basildon), Caroline Lawrie (Mrs. Marchmont), Robin Brown (Mr. Montford), Walter Hall (Mason, Butler to Sir Robert Chiltern), Robin Browne (Phipps, Butler to Lord Goring), Graham Ingle (James, footman to Sir Robert chltern) Diana Van Proosdy (Duchess of Maryborough), Graham Ingle (Mr. Barford), Amanda Wilde (Lady Jane Barford).
Gielgud Theatre

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