English 333: Theatre in England

* = Seen (or attended) by some but not everyone in the group.

Monday, December 30

7:15 p.m

John Webster. The White Devil (1609-1613). Dir. Gale Edwards. Design by Peter J. Davison. Lighting by Mark L. McCullough. Music by Stephen Warbeck. Cast: Jane Gurnett (Vittoria Corombona), Richard McCabe (Flamineo, her brother), Alisdair Simpson (Marcello, her younger brother), Caroline Blakiston (Comelia, her mother), Adam Godley (Camillo, her husband), Martina Laird (Zanche, her maidservant), Ray Fearon (Brachiano, Duke of Padua), Teresa Banham (Isabella, his wife), Devin Griffin (Giovanni, their son), David Fahm (Hortensio, the Duke's officer), Stephen Boxer (Francisco de Medici, Duke of Florence, Isabella's brother), Philip Voss (Monticelso, a Cardinal), Paul Ritter (Jaques, the Duke's officer), Philip Quast (Lodovico, an Italian Count), Andrew Hesker (Gasparo, his friend), Stephen Billington (Antonelli, his friend), David Foxxe (The Lawyer/Cardinal of Aragon), Adrian Schiller (Dr. Julio/The French Ambassador), Jon Rake (Cardinal/The English Ambassador), Janet Whiteside (Matron), Katia Caballero (Courtier), Jacquelyn Yorke (Courtier), Nina Sosanya (Courtier).

The Pit

Tuesday, December 31

2:15 p.m.

Arthur Miller. Death of a Salesman (1949). Dir. David Thacker. Design by Fran Thompson. Lighting by Rick Fisher. Music by Adrian Johnston. Cast: Alun Armstrong (Willy Loman), Marjorie Yates (Linda), Corey Johnson (Happy), Mark Strong (Biff), Louise Jameson (The Woman), Martin McDougall (Bernard), Shane Rimmer (Charley), Ed Bishop (Uncle Ben), Colin Stinton (Howard Wagner), Kate Dyson (Jenny), David Kennedy (Stanley), Stephanie Woodcraft (Miss Forsythe), Nicky Ladanowski (Letta), Helen Buck (Operator).

5:30 p.m. Guided tour of the National Theatre Complex.
7:30 p.m. Frank Loesser. Guys and Dolls (1950). Dir. Richard Eyre. Book by Jo Swerling & Abe Burrows. Based on story by Damon Runyon. Musical Staging by David Toguri. Settings by John Gunter. Costumes by Sue Blane. Lighting by David Hersey. Cast: Clarke Peters (Sky Masterson), Sarah Brown (Joanna Riding), Henry Goodman (Nathan Detroit), Imelda Staunton (Miss Adelaide); The Mission Band: Wayne Cater (Benny Southstreet), Clive Rowe (Nicely-Nicely Johnson), Connor Byrne (Rusty Charley), John Normington (Arvide Abernathy), Freya Copeland (Agatha), Kevin Walton (Calvin), Katy Secombe (Martha); Colin Stinton (Lieutenant Brannigan); The Crapshooters: Steven Speirs (Harry the Horse), Tom Hodgkins (Angie the Ox/Voice of Joey Biltmore), Kevin Rooney (Brandy Bottle Bates), Kieran Creggan (Scranton Slim), Christopher Beck (Joe the Joker/Waiter in the Hot Box), Kevin Walton (Regret), Kraig Thornber (Society Max/Master of Ceremonies), Anthony Renshaw (Benny the Greek/Drunk), John Tobias (Hot-Horse Herbie), James Davies (Sky Rocket); Stanley Townsend (Big Jule); Hotbox Girls: Jane Fowler, Suzanne Maria Thomas, Freya Copeland, Katy Secombe; Rae Baker (Mimi); Sharon D. Clarke (General Matilda B. Cartwright). Philip Campbell (Swing), Janine Davies (Swing).
Olivier Theatre

Wednesday, January 1

2:30 p.m. J. B. Priestley. An Inspector Calls (1945). Dir. Stephen Daldry. Design by Ian MacNeil. Lighting by Rick Fisher. Music by Stephen Warbeck. Cast: Pip Donaghy (Inspector Goole), Susanne Bertish (Sybil Birling), Barry Stanton (Arthur Birling), John Ramm (Gerald Croft), Annabel Mulion (Sheila Birling), Tim Funnell (Eric Birling), Georgina Beer (Edna).
Garrick Theatre
7:30 p.m.

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Swan Lake (1877). Dir. and Choreographed by Matthew Bourne. An Adventures in Motion Pictures Production. Design by Lex Brotherston. Lighting by Rick Fisher. New Orchestration by Rowland Lee. With Andrew Walkinshaw (The Young Prince), William Kemp (The Swan), Lynn Seymour (The Queen), Barry Atkinson (The Private Secretary), Ben Wright (The Prince), Vicky Evans (The )rince's Girlfriend). Simon Reglar (The Queen's Escort), Jacqueline Anderson (The Moth Maiden), Phil Hill (The Nobleman), Sarah Barron, Saranne Curtin, Heather Habens, Kirsty Tapp (Butterfly Maidens), Alex Rose (Evil Forest Troll), Teresa Barker, Jacqueline Anderson (Hiss Attendants). Act I.vi: A Seedy Club: Alex Rose (Club Owner), Jacqueline Anderson (Barmaid), Michela Meazza (Fan Dancer), Sarah Barron, Saranne Curtin (Hostesses), Maxine Fone, Kirsty Tapp (Party Girls), Darren Ellis, Eddie Nixon (East End Gangsters), Simon Reglar, Phil Hill (Sailors), Teresa Barker, Andrew Corbett (Barflies), William Yong (Pop Idol), Arthur Pita (Pimp), Andrew Walkinshaw (Schoolboy). Act II: A City Park. The Company (Swans), Ben Wright, William Kemp (Duet), Alex Rose, Floyd Hendricks, Misha Downey, Simon Reglar (Cygnets), William Kemp (Solo), Stephen Berkeley-White, William Yong, Ben Hartley, Theo Clinkard (Big Swans). Act III: The Palace Gates. The Company (Doorman, Royal Spotters, Autograph Hunters, Paparazzi). Act III.ii: The Royal Ball : Heather Habens (The German Princess), Jacqueline Anderson (The Spanish Princess), Sarah Barron (The Hungarian Princess), Kirsty Tapp (Princess of Monaco), Saranne Curtin (The Italian Princess), Teresa Barker (The French Princess), Maxine Fone (The Romanian Princess), William Kemp, Sarah Barron, Heather Habens, Maxine Fone (The Russian Dance), Jacqueline Anderson and Company (The Spanish Dance), Maranne Curtin, Colin Ross-Waterson, & Company (The Neopolitan Dance), William Kemp, Ben Wright, Vicky Evans, Teresa Barker & the Company (Czardas). Act IV: The Prince's Bedroom. The Company (Doctors, Nurses, Swans).

Piccadilly Theatre

Thursday, January 2

3:00 p.m. Anton Chekhov. The Cherry Orchard (1904). Dir. Adrian Noble. Adapted by Peter Gill. Design by Richard Hudson. Lighting by Wayne Dowdeswell. Music by Stephen Warbeck. Cast: David Troughton (Lopakhin, a businessman), Louise Gold (Dunyasha, a maid), John Dougall (Epihodov, a clerk), Peter Copley (Firs, a manservant), Penelope Wilton ((MMme Ranyevskaya, an estate-owner), Emilia Fox (Anya, her daughter), Kate Cuchene (Varya, her adopted daughter), Darlene Johnson (Charlotte, a governess), Alec McCowen (Gaev, Mme Ranyevskaya's brother), James Hayes (A neighbouring estate-owner), Mark Lockyer (Yasha, a manservant), Sean Murray (Trofimov, a student), Steven Elder, Charlotte Longfield (Passers-by), Tim Thomas (Stationmaster), Bill Nash (Post Office Clerk), Harriet Cater, Steven Elder, Charlotte Longfield, Tim Thomas (Servants).
Albery Centre
7:30 p.m Henrik Ibsen. A Doll's House (1879). Dir. Anthony Page. A version by Frank McGuinness. Design by Deirdre Clancy. Lighting by Peter Mumford). Music by Jason Carr. Choreography by Caroline Pope. Cast: Janet McTeer (Nora Helmer), Owen Teale (Torvald Helmer), Gabrielle Lloyd (Kristine Linde), Peter Gowen (Nils Krogstad), John Carlisle (Dr. Rank), Illona Linthwaite (Anne-Marie (The Nanny), Judith Hepburn (Helene, the Maid), Murray McArthur (The Messenger), Luke Atherton, James Atherton (Bob and Ivar, the Helmers' children).
Playhouse Theatre

Friday, January 3

*3:30 p.m. Arthur The Knight Before Christmas
The Chicken Shed Theatre
7:00 p.m. William Shakespeare Troilus and Cressida (1602). Dir. Ian Judge. Design by John Gunter. Lighting by Simon Tapping. Music by Ian Kellam. Cast: The Trojans: Cressida (Victoria Hamilton), Joseph Fiennes (Troilus), Clive Francis (Pandarus), Griffith Jones (Priam, King of Troy), Louis Hilyer (Hector), Ray Fearon (Paris), Alisdair Simpson (Helenus), Mark Gillis (Deiphebus), Stephen Billington (Margareion, a bastard son), David Pullan (Aeneas), Simon Westwood (Antenor); Katia Caballero (Helen, Queen of Sparta), Sara Weymouth (Cassandra, Priam's daughter), Martina Laird (Andromache, Hector's wife), Paul Ritter (Alexander, Cressida's servant), Adrian Schiller (Paris' servant(. The Greeks: Edward de Souza (Agamemnon, the Greek General), Colin Farrell (Menelaus, his brother), Arthur Cox (Nestor), Philip Voss (Ulysses), Ross O'Hennessy (Ajax), Philip Quast (Achilles), Jeremy Sheffield (Patroclus), Richard Dillane (Diomedes, a Greek officer), David Fahm (his servant), Richard McCabe (Thersites), Raymond Bowers (Calchas, Cressida's father).
Barbican Theatre

Saturday, January 4

2:30 p.m. Martin McDonagh. The Cripple of Inishmaan (1996). Dir Nicholas Hytner. London Premiere. Design by Bob Crowley. Lighting by Mark Henderson. Music by Paddy Cunneen. Cast: Anna Reeves (Kate), Dearbhla Molloy (Eileen), Ray McBride (Johnny-pateenmike), Ruaidhri Conroy (Billy), Owen Sharpe (Bartley), Aisling O'Sullivan (Helen), Gary Lydon (Babbybobby), John Rogan (Doctor McSharry), Doreen Hepburn (Mammy).
Cottesloe Theatre
7:15 p.m.

Molière (Jean-Baptiste Poquelin). The Learned Ladies (1672). Dir. Steven Pimlott. Design by Sue Blane. Lighting by Peter Mumford. Songs by Jason Carr. Cast: Blair Wilson (Singer), Niamh Cusack (Armande), Jane Gurnett (Henriette), Sebastian Harcombe (Clitandre), Alison Fiske (Bélise), Nina Sosanya (L'Epine), Robert Demeger (Ariste), John Quayle (Chrysale), Susannah Elliott-Knight (Martine), Caroline Blakiston (Philaminte), Roger Allam (Trissotin), David Foxxe (Vadius), Blair Wilson (Julien), Brian Abbott (Notary).

The Pit Theatre

Sunday, January 5

*11:15 a.m. Services at Westminster Abbey. Seated in the choir.
5:00 p.m.

Yasmina Reza. Art (1990). British Premiere. Translated by Christopher Hampton. Dir. Matthew Warchus. Design by Mark Thompson. Lighting by Hugh Vanstone. Music by Gary Yershon. Cast: Albert Finney (Marc), Tom Courtenay (Serge), Ken Stott (Yvan).

Wyndhams Theatre
*8:30 p.m. Jean Paul Sartre. Intimacy . Dir. Michael Almaz. Artaud Theatre Club.
Café Theatre

Monday, January 6

1:30 p.m. Beauty and the Beast . Written and Directed by Laurence Boswell. Lighting by Adam Silverman. Music by Mick Sands.
Young Vic Theatre
7:15 p.m. William Shakespeare. As You Like It (1598). Dir. Stephen Pimlott. Design by Ashley Martin-Davies. Lighting by Mimi Jordan Sherin. Music by Jason Carr. Cast: Liam Cunningham (Orlando), John Quayle (Adam), Sebastian Harcombe (Oliver), Brian Abbott (Dennis), Ross O'Hennessy (Charles), Rachel Joyce (Celia), Niamh Cusack (Rosalind), David Tennant (Touchstone), Raymond Bowers (Monsieur le Beau), Colum Convey (Duke Frederick), Robert Demeger (Duke Senior), Simon Westwood (Amiens/Second Lord [Court]), Colin Farrell (First Lord [Forest]), Nathaniel Duncan (First Lord [Court]), Emma Poole (Hisperia), Arthur Cox (Corin), Joseph Fiennes (Silvius), John Woodvine (Jacques), Susannah Elliott-Knight (Audrey), Raymond Bowers (Sir Oliver Martext), Victoria Hamilton (Phebe), Ross O'Hennessey (William), Nathaniel Duncan (Page), Doreen Andrew (Hyman), Mark Gillis (Jacques de Boys).
Barbican Theatre

Tuesday, January 7

*1:05 p.m.

Columbine Wind Ensemble playing music by Mozasrt, Debussy, Paul Patterson, Bizet, Janacek.

St. Martin-in-the-Fields
*2:45 p.m. Agatha Christie. The Mousetrap (1954). Dir. David Turner. With Mollie Ralston, Giles Ralston, Christopher Wren, Mrs. Boyle, Major Metcalf, Miss Casewell, Mr. Paravicini, Detective Sergeant Trotter.
St. Martin's Theatre
7:15 p.m.

Edward Albee. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Dir. Howard Davies. Design by John Napier. Lighting by Jenny Kagan. Almeida Theatre Company Production. Cast: Diana Rigg (Martha), David Suchet (George), Lloyd Owen (Nick), Clare Holman (Honey).

Aldwych Theatre

Wednesday, January 8

2:15 p.m. Robert Lepage. Elsinore: Variations on Shakespeare's Hamlet (1996). Created, directed, and performed by Robert Lepage. Music by Robert Caux. Set Design by CArl Fillion. Lighting by Alain Lortie and Nancy Mongrain. Plus a technical staff of eighteen others. An Ex Machina Production, with Robert Thuot, Manager. (Staff of ten). Michael Morris, Director for Cultural Industry (with staff of three).
Lyttelton Theatre
*5:00 p.m. Choral Eurcharist, with St. Martin-in-the-Fields Choral Scholars.
St. Martin-in-the-Fields
8:00 p.m. Alan Bennett. Talking Heads: Bed Among the Lentils and Soldiering On (1996). Dir Alan Bennett. Design by Simon Higlett. Lighting by Paul Pyant. Music by Jeremy Sams. With Maggie Smith and Margaret Tyzack.

Comedy Theatre

In Stratford-upon-Avon

Thursday, January 9

10:30 a.m. Visit to Anne Hathaway's Cottage.
1:30 p.m.

Henrik Ibsen. Little Eyolf (1896). Dir. Adrian Noble. Design by Rob Howell. Lighting by Jean Kalman. Cast: Robert Glenister (Alfred Allmers). Joanne Pearce (Rita, his wife), Damian Storey (Little Eyolf, their son, age nine), Derbhle Crotty (Asta Allmers, Alfred's yiounger half-sister), Damian Lewis (Borgbejm (an engineer), Bridget Turner (The Rat Wife).

Swan Theatre
7:30 p.m. William Shakespeare. All is True, or The Famous History of the Life of King Henry VIII (1613). Dir. Gregory Doran. Design by Robert Jones. Lighting by Howard Harrison. Music by Jason Carr. Cast: Paul Jesson (King Henry VIII), Jane Lapotaire (Queen Katherine), Ian Hogg (Cardinal Wolsey), Darrell D'Silva (Cardinal Campeius), David Collings (Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury), John Kane (Duke of Norfolk), Paul Greenwood (Duke of Buckingham), David Beames (Duke of Suffolk), Jo Stone-Fewings (Earl of Surrey), Guy Henry (Lord Chamberlain), Claire Marchionne (Lady Anne Bullen), Cherry Morris (Old Lady), Orlando Seale (Sir Thomas Lovell), Darrell D'Silva (Lord Sands), Rex Obano (Caputius, the Spanish Ambassador), Robert Whitelock (Thomas Cromwell, Wolsey's secretary), Paul Bentall (Gardiner, the King's secretary later Bishop of Winchester), David Hobbs (Griffith, Gentleman, Usher to the Queen), Eileen Battye and Nadine Marshall ( Patience and Inez, Ladies-in-waiting to the Queen), Paul Bentall (Buckingham's Surveyor), Barry Aird (Porter's man).
Swan Theatre
Friday, January 10
*10:00 a.m. Farmer's Market.
*12:00 p.m. Day trip to Warwick Castle.

*Afternoon and evening: Serious touring of Stratford: The Birthplace, Trinity Church, Newplace, the grammar school, antique shops, the Garrick Pub, and the Stratford Butterfly Museum and Preserve.

*2:00 p.m.

Gary Yershon. Robin Hood: A Merry Family Musical (1996). Dir. Sheila Mander. Music, Lyrics, and Script by Gary Yershon. Donna McLaurin, Stage Manager. Cast: Karen Kain (Spirit of the Forest), Ross Petty (Sheriff of Nottingham), Gregory Cross (Friar Tuck), David Walden (Nurse Tickle), June Crowley (Maid Marion), Simon Bradbury (Pinch, the Robber), Dan R. Chameroy (Robin Hood), Frank Augustyn (Will Scarlet), Kevin Durand (Little John). Sara Brenner, Patric Creelman, Ryan Foley, Michelle Galati, Aviva Hoffman, Daniel Nelson, Martin Samuel, Amy Walsh (Townsfolk, Merry Men).

Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham
7:30 p.m. The Mysteries: Part One: The Creation (1400/1996). Dir. Katie Mitchel. Edward Kemp (Dramaturg). Design by Vicki Mortimer. Music by Ben Living-stone. [Based largely on the Towneley Cycle.] Cast: Josette Bushell-Mingo (Eve/Mother Mary/Japheth's Wife), Ceclan Conlon (Cain/Moses/Shepherd/Aaron/ Herod's Soldier), Paul Hamilton (Angel of Death/Shepherd Gib), Paul Hilton (Seth/Japheth/Baby Jesus), Kristin Hutchinson (Gabriel, Angel of Mercy/Shem's Wife), Johnny Lodi (Angel of Peace/Jabal, Lamech's Son/Only Son of Abraham/ Wise Man/Herod's Eunuch), Richard Lynch (Abraham/Joachim/Wise Man), Myra McFadyen (Mrs. Noah/ Elizabeth/ Prophetess Anna/Midwife Salome), Christopher Middleton (Abel/Ham/ High Priest Reuben/Wise Man/Herod's Soldier), Ruth Mitchell (Angel of Justice/Ham's Wife/Anne/Midwife Zelomy), Joseph Mydell (The Worm/Tubalcain/ Herod), Peter Needham (Noah/Joseph), David Ryall (God/Simeon), Tristan Sturrock (Adam/Shem/Shepherd Daw/Herod's Soldier), Edward Woodall (Lamech/ Jubal/Antipas, Herod's Son).
The Other Place

Saturday, January 11

1:30 p.m. William Shakespeare. Much Ado About Nothing (1599). Dir. Michael Boyd. Design by Tom Piper. Lighting by Robert Bryan. Music by Stanislas Syrwicz. Cast: The Household: Jeffrey Wickham (Leonato, Governor of Messina), David Glover (Antonio, his brother), Emily Bruni (Hero, Leonato's daughter), Elli Garnett & Deirdra Morris (Margaret & Ursula, attendants on Hero), Siobhan Redmond (Beatrice, an orphan, Leonato's niece), Patrice Naiambana (Friar Francis), James Goodman (Boy), Michael Healy (The Sexton), Syreeta Kumar, Victoria Pritchard (Ladies-in-waiting), Jane MacFarlane (Lady-in-waiting with Cello), Ignatius Anthony (The Painter. The Visitors: Peter Wight (Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon), Damian Lewis (Don John, his bastard brother), Rhashan Stone (Count Claudio, companion of Don Pedro), Alex Jennings (Signor Benedick, companion of Don Pedro), Patrick Baladi & Christopher Gee (Borachio & Conrade, followers of Don John), Richard Cant (Balthazar, a singer). The Watch: Christopher Luscombe (Dogberry), Toby Longworth (Verges), Ignatius Anthony (George Seacoal), Shuna Snow (Hugh Oatcake), Crispian Belfrage (Francis Leathercoat).
Royal Shakespeare Theatre
7:30 p.m. William Shakespeare. The Merry Wives of Windsor (1600). Dir. Ian Judge. Design by Tim Goodchild. Lighting by Simon Tapping. Music by John White. Cast: Leslie Phillips (Sir John Falstaff), Eddie Parkes (Hobin, his page), Edward Petherbridge (Frank Ford), Susannah York (Alice Ford, his wife), Paul Greenwood (George Page), Joanna McCallum (Meg Page, his wife), Claire Marchionne (Anne Page, their daughter), Roddy Peter (William Page, their son), John Kane (Sir Hugh Evans, a Welsh parson), Howard Crossley (Host of the Garter Inn), Guy Henry (Dr. Caius, a French doctor), Cherry Morris (Mistress Quickley, his housekeeper), Christopher Gee (John Rugby, his servant), David Hobbs (Bardolph), David Glover (Nym), Barry Aird (Pistol), Jo Stonne-Fewings (Fenton, a gentleman), Ignatius Anthony (John), Michael Healy (Robert).
Royal Shakespeare Theatre
In London

Sunday, January 12

*3:00 p.m. Listen to the Wind. Words and Music by Vivian Ellis (1954). Book by Humphrey Carpenter and Peter Morris [based on Mary Poppins]. Dir. Dan Crawford and Philip George. With Vicky Taylor (Emma), Michael Gyngell Rickett) & Stephen Boje (Scurvy), inept pirates.
King's Head Theatre Royal
*5:30 p.m. Nicola McCartney and Lucy McLellan. Entertaining Angels (1996). Dir. Nicola McCartney. Design by Joanna Dunn. Lighting by Patrick Brennan. Violence by Denis Agnew. Cast: Astrid Azurdia (Grace), Grant Gillespie (Daniel), Alicia Hood (Verity), Lucy McLellan (Grainne), Karl Pittom (Eric), Gabriel Quigley (Caroline), Timothy Webster (Isaac).
Battersea Arts Centre

Monday, January 13

7:30 p.m. Peter Oswald. Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards (1994-1996). Based on an 18th-century Japanese kabuki play by Chikamatsu Monzaemon. Dir. John Crowley. Design by Vicki Mortimer. Lighting by Rick Fisher. Music by Paddy Cunneen. Cast: Olwen Fouére (The Moon), Luke Brown (The Titmouse), Naomi Wirthner (Lady Tonase, Lord Morotaka's sister), Colin McFarlane (Lord Shigemori, Lord High Keeper of the Privy Seal), Bohdan Poraj (Takiguchi, a young samurai), Parminder K. Nagra (Kojiju, maid of honour/Muzo, a Bandit), Rebecca Thorn (Kohagi, maid of honour), Rachel Power (Karumo, Yoshitsugu's lover, colleague of Yokobue), Mairead McKinley (Yokobue, Tagiguchi's lover, a maid of honour of the Empress), David Haig (Lord Morotaka, warden of the maids of honour of the Empress), Olwen Fouére (Empress Kenrei Mon-In, Lord Shigemori's sister), Adrian Irvine (Yoshitsugu, a young samurai), Clive Merrison (Lord Katsuyori, Takiguchi's father/Genjo, the executioner), Sean Chapman (Lord Moritsugu, Yoshitsugu's elder brother), Rebecca Thorn (Peasant Girl/Servant/ Genkuro, a Bandit), Scott Charles (Kamawake, son of Karumo and Yoshitsugu). Musicians: Clive Bell (Japanese wind instruments), Glenn Fox (Japanese percussion).
Cottesloe Theatre
Tuesday, January 14
*1:05 p.m. Royal Academy of Music Series: Benjamin Nabarro, Violin; Philip Moore, piano. Music by Mozart and Frank.
St. Martin-in-the-Fields
7:45 p.m. Tenneessee Williams. A Streetcar Named Desire (1947). Dir. Peter Hall. Design by William Dudley. Lignting by Simon Corder. Music by Stephen Edwards. Cast: Jessica Lange (Blanche DuBois), Toby Stephens (Stanley Kowalski), Imogen Stubbs (Stella), Christian Burgess (Mitch), Barney Craig (Young Collector), Morgan Deare (Steve Hubbel), Sandra Dickinson (Eunice Hubbel), James Terry (Doctor). Charlotte Woolford (Negro Woman), Roger Walker (Pablo Gonzales), Diane Witter (Matron).
Haymarket Theatre
Wednesday, January 15
3:00 p.m. Maury Yeston, music and lyrics. Nine (1996) Dir. David Leveaux. Book by Arthur Kopit. Adapted from the Italian by Mario Fratti. Design by Anthony Ward. Lighting by Paul Pyant. Choreography by Jonathan Butterell. Cast: Larry Lamb (Guido-Contini). Ian Covington (Young Guido), Susannah Fellows (Luisa), Clare Burt (Carla), Eleanor David (Claudia), Dilys Laye (Guido's Mother), Sara Kestelman (Liliane La Fleur), Ria Jones (Stephanie Necrophorus), Kiran Hocking (Our Lady of the Spa), Jenny Galloway (Sarraghina), Norma Atallah (Lina Darling), Sarah Parish (Maria), Kristin Marks (Annabella), Tessa Pritchard (Diana), Emma Dears (Renata), Susie Dumbreck (Olga).
Donmar Warehouse
6:00 p.m. Dinner in Chelsea
7:30 p.m. Martin McDonagh. The Beauty Queen of Leenane (1996). London Premiere. Dir. Garry Hynes. Design by Francis O'Connor. Lighting by Ben Ormerod. Cast: Jane Brennan (Maureen Folan), Anna Manahan (Mag Folan), Lloyd Hutchinson (Pato Dooley), Tom Murphy (Ray Dooley).
Royal Court Theatre

Seminar Participants:

Caren Christine Barth
Brett David Dreyer
Susan K. Faber
Erica Fee
Alberto Feliciano
Christine Elizabeth Fignar
Karen Alyssa Forgosh
Stacey Jean Goldman
Michelle Lynne Kline
Kyoko Koshibu
Todd Alan London
Fabrienne Matteis
Jeremy M. Schott
Christian Tryczynski
Antra Rudite Ziedins
Elizabeth Ormond
Sarah Collins
Russell and Ruth Peck