English 333: Theatre in England

* = Seen (or attended) by some but not everyone in the group.
In London

Thursday, December 28

*3:00 p.m

Tennesse Williams. The Glass Menagerie (1944). Dir. Sam Mendes. Design by Rob Howell. Lighting by David Hersey. Music by Jason Carr. Cast: Ben Walden (Tom Wingfield), Zoë Wanamaker (Amanda Wingfield), Claire Skinner (Laura Wingfield). Mark Dexter (The Gentleman Caller).

Comedy Theatre
*7:30 p.m. Terry Johnson. Dead Funny (1995). Dir. Terry Johnson. Design by Sue Plummer. Lighting by Simon Opie. Cast: Belinda Lang (Eleanor), Kevin McNally (Richard), Sam Kelly (Brian), Ian Bartholomew (Nick), Rebecca Lacey (Lisa).
Savoy Theatre

Friday, December 29

2:00 p.m.

Rudyard Kipling. The Jungle Book (1894). Adapted and Directed by Tim Supple (1995). Design by Melly Still. Music by Adrian Lee. Lighting by Paule Constable. Cast: Andy Williams (Father Wolf and Kaa), Sarah C. Cameron (Mother Wolf and Chil the Kite), Dan Milne (Grey Brother), Eric Mallett (Tabaqui and Akela), Ronny Jhutti (Mowgli), Clive Mendus (Shere Khan), Simon Coury (Baloo), Gary Bryden (Bagheera).

Young Vic Theatre
7:30 p.m. J. B. Priestley. An Inspector Calls (1945). Dir. Stephen Daldry. Designer: Ian MacNeil. Lighting by Rick Fisher. Music by Stephen Warbeck. Cast: Nicholas Woodeson (Inspector Goole), Edward Peel (Arthur Birling), Susan Engel (Sybil Birling), Helen Schlesinger (Sheila Birling), Crispin Redman (Gerald Croft), Tom Goodman-Hill (Eric Birling), Georgina Beer (Edna).
Garrick Theatre

Saturday, December 30

2:15 p.m. Tom Stoppard. Rosencrantz and Guildernstern Are Dead (1967). Dir Matthew Francis. Design by Lez Brotherston. Lighting by Howard Harrison. Music by Mia Soteriou. Cast: Adrian Scarborough (Rosencrantz), Simon Russell Beale (Guildenstern), Alan Howard (The Player King), Callum Dixon (Alfred), Tim Crouch, James Hirst, Rowland Holmes, Clive Llewellyn, Kraig Thornber, Luke Williams (Tragedians); Paul Rattigan (Hamlet), Claudie Blakley (Ophelia/Pirate), Julian Forsyth (Claudius/Pirate), Lois Baxter (Gertrude), Harry Towb (Polonius), Malcolm James (Horatio/Courtier/Pirate), Francis Maguire (Fortinbras/Courtier/ Pirate), Charles Millham (Laertes/Pirate), Colin Haigh (First Ambassador/Courtier/ Pirate), Gareth Vaughan (Courtier/Pirate), Marianne Morley (Lady-in-Waiting), Jacqui O'Hanlon (Lady-in-Waiting/Pirate/Singer).
Lyttelton Theatre
7:15 p.m.

Stephen Sondheim. A Little Night Music (1973). Book by Hugh Wheeler. Dir. Sean Mathias. Settings by Stephen Brimson Lewis. Costumes by Nicky Gillibrand. Lighting by Mark Henderson. Choreography by Wayne McGregor. Cast: Sian Phillips (Madame Armfeldt), Judi Dench (Desirée, her daughter), Ciaire Cox (Fredrika Armfeldt, her grandaughter), Laurence Guittard (Fredrik Engerman, a lawyer), Brendan O'Hea (Henrik Engerman, his son), Joanna Riding (Anne Egerman, his second wife), Issy van Randwyck (Petra, their maid), Lambert Wilson (Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm), Patricia Hodge (Countess Charlotte Malcolm, his wife), Stephen Hanley (Mr. Lindquist), Ernestina Quarcoo (Mrs. Nordstrom), Di Botcher (Mrs. Anderssen), John Owen-Jones (Mr. Erlanson), Morag McLaren (Mrs. Segstrom), Paul Kynman (Frid), Kate Dyson (Malla), Tim Godwin (Bertrand), Louis Breckon-Richards (Osa), Joe Maddison (Stig), Sylvia Griffin (Regina), Thierry Harcourt (Max).

Olivier Theatre

Sunday, December 31

*11:15 a.m. High Mass at Westminster Abbey. Sung by the Southern Cathedral Singers. Kenneth Leighton, Mass in D . Francis Poulenc, Responsory for Christmas Day . Postlude: Johann Sebastian Bach, Allegro, from Concerto in A minor BWV593.
5:00 p.m. Peter Oswald. Cinderella and the Coat of Skins (1995). Dir. James Menzies-Kitchin. A Hysterica Passio Production. Design by Julie Nelson. Lighting by Dave Horn. choreography by Kim thornton. Cast: Lara Bobroff (Anne), Osmund Bullock (Rufus), Michael Greco (Huntsman), Derek Howard (Cyril), James Kemp (Henry), Sarah Knight (Mary), Lucy Maurice (Mother), Caroline Nichols (Belinda), Julian Rivett (Curdie), Alison Seddon (Old Woman), Joshua Towb (Cnamberlain), Billie-Claire Wright (Princess). [Based on Grimms' Allerleirauh , where the Princess escapes the King to avoid incest by means of a cloak of many skins. The play also draws on a Polish folk tale, "The Three Weazels of Gdansk."]
Battersea Arts Centre
*8:00 p.m Phil Willmott. Dracula . Original Production Restaged and Directed by Susannah Easton Brooke. Design by Liz Putland. Realised by Keith Baker. Lighting by Jon Pinsky. Cast: Joe Collins (Van Helsing), Melissa Palmer (Lucy). Silas Carson (Dracula), Hugh Clay-Jones (Renfield), Tom Barrie (Dr. John Seward), Shona Davidson (additional roles).
Battersea Arts Centre
*12:00 a.m.
Happy New Year from Trafalgar Square.

Monday, January 1

*12:00 p.m. Lord Mayor's New Year's Day Parade at Westminster Square.
7:00 p.m. Serge Prokofiev. Cinderella (1945). London City Ballet. Choreography by Matthew Hart. Principal Conductor Daryl Griffith. With Amanda Armstrong (Cinderella), Tracey Newham Alvey (Fairy Godmother), Jodie Bennett (Stepsister), Samantha Carlson (Stepsister), Avril Hurwitz (Stepmother), Terry Hayworth (Cinderella's Father), Paul Watson (Buttons/Lead Grasshopper). Conor O'Brien (Dancing Master), Artists of London City Ballet (Tailors, Dress Makers, & Hair Dressers/Grasshoppers & Dragonflies/Ballroom Guests/Fantasy Couples); Emma Hyatt (Spring Fairy), Clair Thomas (Summer Fairy), Virginnia Viney (Autumn Fairy), Laura Hussey (Winter Fairy). Francesco Villicich (Prince), Adam Pudney (Major Domo), Marius Els, Darren Panton, Simon Smith, Dincer Solomon (Prince's Companions). Act I (Cinderella's Living Room/Transformation). Act II (The Ballroom). Act III (Cinderella's Living Room/Fantasy Land).
Sadler's Wells Theatre

Tuesday, January 2

*2:00 p.m. Charles Dickens. A Christmas Carol . Adapted by John Mortimer (1994). Dir. Ian Judge. Design by John Gunter. Costumes by Deirdre Clancy. Lighting by Nigel Levings. Music by Nigel Hess. Choreography by Lindsay Dolan. Cast: Clive Francis (Ebenezer Scrooge), Paul Greenwood (Bob Cratchit/Businessman), Simon Burke (Fred, Scrooge's nephew), Arthur Cox and Raymond Mason (Two Portly Gentlemen), Bernard Lloyd (Ghost of Jacob Marley/Businessman), Jamie Newall (Spirit of Christmas Past/Undertaker's Man), Jonathan Bailey (Child Scrooge), Tom Godfrey (Boy Scrooge), David Pullan (Young Scrooge/SDpirit of Christmas Yet to Come), Raymond Mason (Headmaster/Businessman), Vicky Blake (Fan/Girl/Maid), Mike Burnside (Mr. Fezziwig/Jobbins), Mary Miller (Mrs. Fezziwig/Charwoman), Polly James, Angela Ridgeon, Sara Weymouth (The Misses Fezziwig), Peter Warnock (Dick Wilkins), Simon Burke, Roger Moss, Mark Skilton (Three Young Followers), Janet Whiteside (Housemaid/Mrs. Dilber), Jeff Shankley (Baker), Arthur Cox (Cook/Staveley), Mike Murray (Milkman), Kye Sones (Boy), Emily Joyce (Belle), Sara Weymouth (Her Daughter/Fred's Wife, Scrooge's niece), Gwynn Beech (Belle's Husband/Businessman), Jeff Shankley (Spirit of Christmas Present), Polly James (Mrs. Cratchit), Roger Moss (Peter), Sara Weymouth (Martha), Vicky Blake (Belinda), Jonathan Bailey (Tiny Tim), Mark Skilton (Mr. Topper/Poulterer's Man), Mike Murray (Old Joe), Jay Barrymore, Laura Harling, David McMinn, Oliver Palmer, Candice Shovlar, Ben Simpson (Children).
Barbican Theatre
7:00 p.m. William Shakespeare. Richard II (1595). Dir. Deborah Warner. Design by Hildegard Betchler, Lighting by Peter Mumford, Music by Arturo Annecchino. Cast: Fiona Shaw (Richard II, King of England), Graham Crowden (John of Gaunt), David Threlfall (Henry Bolingbroke, Gaunt's son), David Lyon (Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk), Paola Dionisotti (Duchess of Gloucester, widow to the Duke of Gloucester), John Rogan (Lord Marshal/Bishop of Carlisle), Julian Rhind-Tutt (Edward, Duke of Aumerle, son of Duke of York), Jonathan Slinger (First Herald), Jem Wall (Second Herald/Second Gardener's Man), Henry Ian Cusick (Sir Henry Green/First Gardener's Man/ Exton's Man), Nicholas Gecks (Sir John Bushy/Thomas, Duke of Surrey), Michael Bryant (Edmund of Langley, Duke of York), Sian Thomas (Queen Isabel, wife to Richard), Struan Rodger (Henry, Earl of Northumberland), Richard Bremmer (Lord Ross/Abbot of Westminster/Sir Piers of Exton), John McEnery (Lord Willoughby/Head Gardener/ Keeper of Pomfret Castle), Jem Wall (Duke of York's Serving Man), Danny Sapani (Sir William Bagot), Jonathan Slinger (Harry Percy, son of Northumberland), Jude Akuwudike (Sir Stephen Scroop/Lord Fitzwater), David Lyon (Earl of Salisbury), Paola Dionisotti (First Lady/ Duchess of York), Elaine Claxton (Second Lady).
Cottesloe Theatre

Wednesday, January 3

2:15 p.m.

John O'Keefe. Wild Oats (1791). Dir. Jeremy Sams. Design by William Dudley. Lighting by Mark Henderson. Music by Jonathan Dove. Cast: Andrew Sachs (John Dory), James Bolam (Sir George Thunder, his master), Benjamin Whitrow (Ephraim Smooth), Sarah Woodward (Lady Amaranth, Sir George's niece), Paul Sirr (Zachariah, her manservant/First Ruffian), Colin Hurley (Midge), Alan Cox (Harry Thunder, Sir George's son and Midge's master), Anton Lesser (Rover), David Ryall (Farmer Gammon), Mark Addy (Sim, his son), Mossie Smith (Jane, his daughter), Tenniel Evans (Banks, a cottager), Mark Sproston (Twitch, a bailiff), Richard Addison (Landlord), Derek Smee (Trap, treasurer to the players), Stuart Richman (Lamp, manager of the company), Anne Reid (Amelia, Banks' sister), Colin Hurley (Second Ruffian), Simon Markey (Third Ruffian), Janet Behan (Maid), Sadie Shimmin (Second Maid).

Lyttelton Theatre
5:15 p.m. Tour of the National Theatre
7:15 p.m. Bertolt Brecht. Mother Courage and Her Children (1939). New Version by David Hare (1995). Dir. Jonathan Kent. Design by Paul Bond. Lighting by Peter Mumford. Music by Jonathan Dove. Cast: Diana Rigg (Anna Fierling, Mother Courage), Lesley Sharp (Kattrin), Brett Fancy (Eilif), Bohdan Poraj (Swiss Cheese), Geoffrey Hutchings (The Cook), David Bradley (The Chaplain), Doon Mackichan (Yvette Pottier), John Bluthal (The Recruiting Officer), Tony Selby (The Sergeant), Donald Pickering (The Commander in Chief), Gordon Landford-Rowe (The Armourer/Older Soldier), Ken Christiansen (A Soldier/Mercenary/ Eilif's Guard/Peasant's Son), Anthony Renshaw (The Second Sergeant/Second soldier/Third Soldier/Eilif's Guard), Paul Benzing (The Man with a Patch/Peasant), Michael Gough (A Very Old Colonel), James Buller (Mercenary/Soldier at Bar/ Second Soldier/Peasant's Son), Cyril Shaps (Regimental Clerk), Patrick Baladi (Young Soldier/Eilif's Guard/First Soldier), Angus Wright (Soldier in Fur Coat/ Lieutenant), Phillipa Peak (Farmer's Wife), Martin Freeman(Young Man), Old Woman (Sarah Parks), Tamsin Dives (The Singer), Edward Clayton (Peasant in Halle), Susan Jane Tanner (Peasant's Wife).
Olivier Theatre
In Stratford

Thursday, January 4

1:30 p.m. Pedro Calderón de la Barca. The Painter of His Dishonour (1645). Dir Laurence Boswell. Design by Rob Howell. Lighting by Paul Pyant. Music by Paddy Cuneen. Cast: Clifford Rose (Don Luis), Michael Gould (Fabio, servant to Don Luis), John Carlisle (Don Juan Roca), Peter Holdway (Death), Sophie Heyman (Porcia, Don Luis' daughter), Tony Rohr (Juanete, Don Juan's servant), Rachel Clarke (Julia, Porcia's servant), Christopher Robbie (Don Pedro), Jennifer Ehle (Serafina, his daughter), Siobhan Fogarty (Flora, her maid), Douglas Henshall (Don Alvaro, Don Luis' son), Don Gallagher (The Prince of Ursino), Zubin Varla (Celio/Sailor), Alice Hogg (First Musician), Anthony Hannan (Second Musician/ Sailor), Jeffery Dench (Belardo, an old peasant).
The Other Place
7:30 p.m. Anton Chekhov. The Cherry Orchard (1904). Dir. Adrian Noble. Design by Richard Hudson. Lighting by Wayne Dowdeswell. Music by Stephen Warbeck. Cast: David Troughton (Lopakhin, a businessman), Josie Lawrence (Dunyasha, a maid), John Dougall (Epihodov, a clerk), Peter Copley (Firs, a manservant), Penelope Wilton (Mme Ranyevskaya, an estate-owner), Lucy Whybrow (Anya, her daughter), Kate Duchene (Varya, her adopted daughter), Alec McCowen (Gaev, Mme Ranyevskaya's brother), James Hayes (Semyonov-Pishckik, a neighboring estate owner), Mark Lockyer (Yasha, a manservant), Sean Murray (Trofimov, a student), Paul Hilton (a Passer-by), Gary Taylor (Stationmaster), Christopher Tune (Post Office Clerk); Rachel Sanders, Lise Stevenson, Gary Taylor, Christopher Tune, Paul Hilton (Servants).
Swan Place

Friday, January 5

7:30 p.m.

John Vanburgh. The Relapse, or Virtue in Danger (1696). Dir. Ian Judge. Design by Tim Goodchild. Lighting by Simon Tapping. Music by Jonathan Goldstein. Cast: The Town: Victor Spinetti (Sir Novelty Fashion, newly created Lord Foppington), Douglas Henshall (Young Fashion, his brother), Hugh Quarshie (Loveless), Jennifer Ehle (Amanda, his wife), Susan Tracy (Berinthia, Amanda's cousin, a widow), Michael Gardiner (Worthy, a gentleman of the town), Christopher Godwin (Coupler, a matchmaker); The Country: Christopher Benjamin (Sir Funbelly Clumsey, a country gentleman), Lorraine Ashbourne (Miss Hoyden, his daughter), Peter Copley (Sir John Friendly, his neighbor), Sheila Steafel (Nurse), Robert Lister (Bull, a chaplain), Peter Holdway (Constable), Ralph Birtwell (a clerk), Lionel Guyett (a porter); The Servants: Nick Cavaliere (Cory, servant to Young Fashion), Simon Chadwick (La Verole, valet to Lord Fopping-ton), Peter Holdway (Tugg, a waterman), Lionel Guyett (Needle, a tailor), Anita Wright (Tongue, a shoemaker), Ralph Birtwell (Mendlegs, a hosier), Robert Lister (Foretop, a periwig maker), Lionel Guyett (Syringe, a surgeon), Rachel Clarke (Tittle, Amanda's maid), Joanna Hole (Abigail, Berinthia's maid); The Masque: Rachel Clarke (Cupid), Peter Holdway (Hyman). Musicians: Ian Reynolds (Flute), Peter Fisher (Trumpet), David Statham (Horn), Jeremy Ballard (Violin), Naomi Boole-Masterson (Cello), John Woolf (Harpsichord).

Swan Theatre

Saturday, January 6

1:30 p.m. William Shakespeare. Richard III (1593). Dir. Steven Pimlott. Design by Tobias Hoheisel. Lighting by Hugh Vanstone. Music by Jason Carr. Cast: David Troughton (Richard, Duke of Gloucester, afterwards King Richard III), Robin Nedwell (King Edward IV), William Belchambers (Edward, Prince of Wales, afterwards King Edward V), Ivor Hill (Richard, Duke of York), Michael Siberry (George, Duke of Clarence), Susan Brown (Queen Elizabeth, wife of Edward IV), Diana Coupland (Duchess of York and mother of Edward IV and his brothers), Jennifer Ehle (Lady Anne, widow of Edward, Prince of Wales), Cherry Morris (Queen Margaret, Henry VI's widow), John Nettles (Duke of Buckingham), Paul Bentall (Lord Hastings), Clifford Rose (Lord Stanley, earl of Derby), James Richard (George Stanley, his son), Victor Spinetti (Archbishop), Robert Arnold (Earl Rivers, brother to Queen Elizabeth), Simon Chadwick (Marquess of Dorset), Justin Shevlin (Lord Grey), Paul Bettany (Earl of Richmond, afterwards King Henry VII), Lionel Guyett (Sir Richard Ratcliffe), Mark Bazeley (Sir William Catesby), Don Gallagher (Sir James Tyrell), David Frederickson (Sir Thomas Vaughan), Robert Lister (Sir Robert Brackenbury, Lieutenant of the Tower), Robin Nedwell (Lord Mayor of London), Don Gallagher, Joanna Hole, William Whymper (Citizens), Anthony Hannan, Paul Hilton (Murderers), Ralph Birtwell (Messenger), Rachel Sanders (Jane Shore, mistress to Lord Hastings).
Royal Shakespeare Theatre
7:30 p.m. Euripides. Phoenician Women (411 B.C.). Dir. Katie Mitchell. With Lorraine Ashbourne, Antony Byrne, Rachael Clarke, Peter Copley, Siobhan Fogarty, Daniel Goode, Michael Gould, Alice Hogg, Darlene Johnson, Dermot Kerrigan, Chris Middleton, Sean Murray, Lise Stevenson, Lucy Whybrow.

The Other Place

In London

Sunday, January 7

*2:30 p.m.

Cirque du Soleil. Saltimbanco (1995). [A spectacular combination of operatic rock circus and acrobatic dance from Canada.]

Royal Albert Hall
*8:30 p.m. Jean Paul Sartre. Intimacy . Dir. Michael Almaz. Artaud Theatre Club.
Café Theatre
Monday, January 8
*7:30 p.m.

Andrew Lloyd Webber. Phantom of the Opera (1986). Libretto by Charles Hart. Dir. Hal Prince. Design by Anthony Ward. With Ethan Freeman (Phantom), Jill Washington (Christine).

Her Majesty's Theatre
*8:00 p.m. Bryan Rostron. Dizzy Heights (1995). Dir Ali Robertson. Design by Kate Matthews. Lighting by Tom Hayhurst. An Absinthe Theatre Company Production. Cast: Dancing Attendance: Victor Power (Mr. Julian), Anthony Wise (Miles); Under Surveillance: Victor Power (Jacob), Anthony Wise (Berg).
Finborough Theatre

Tuesday, January 9

*11:30 a.m. Tour of the restored Globe Theatre.
2:00 p.m. Ben Jonson. Volpone (1606). Dir. Matthew Warchus. Design by Richard Hudson. Lighting by Peter Mumford. Music by Gary Yershon. Cast: Michael Gambon (Volpone, a Magnifico), Simon Russell Beale (Mosca, his Parasite), Wayne Cater (Nano, a Dwarf), Joyce Henderson (Androgyno, a Hermaphrodite), Jonathan Stone (Castrone, an Eunuch), Stephen Boxer (Voltore, an Advocate), Trevor Peacock (Corbaccio, an old Gentleman), Robin Soans (Corvino, a Merchant), Alan David (Sir Politic Wouldbe, an English Knight), Rhys Ifans (Peregrine, an English Gentleman-traveller), Matilda Ziegler (Celia, Corvino's wife), Simeon Defoe (Corvino's Servant), Mark Lewis Jones (Bonario, a young Gentleman, Corbaccio's son), Cheryl Campbell (Lady Wouldbe, the English Knight's wife), Seymour Matthews (First Avocatore), John Griffiths (Second Avocatore), Paul Benzing (Third Avocatore/First Merchant), Charles Millham and Malcolm James (Notarios), Edward Clayton (Second Merchant), Martin Freeman (Third Merchant), Dariel Pertwee (Lady Wouldbe's Woman).
Olivier Theatre
6:00 p.m. Restoration Women: A Platform Discussion. With Fiona Shaw, Sian Thomas, and Phyllida Lloyd.
Lyttelton Theatre
7:30 p.m. William Congreve. The Way of the World (1700). Dir. Phyllida Lloyd. Design by Anthony Ward. Lighting by Chris Parry. Music by Gary Yershon. Cast: Roger Allam (Mirabell, in love with Mistress Millamant), Richard McCabe (Fainall, in love with Mistress Marwood), Julian Rhind-Tutt (Anthony Witwoud, follower of Mistress Millamant), Cyril I Nri (Petulant, another of her followers), Frank Kovacs (Servant to Mirabell), Veronica Quilligan (Mrs. Fainall, daughter to Lady Wishfort and wife to Fainall, formerly friend to Mirabell), Sian Thomas (Mistress Marwood, friend to Fainall and likes Mirabell), Fiona Shaw (Mistress Millamant, a fine lady, niece to Lady Wishfort, and loves Mirabell), Amanda Drew (Mincing, woman to Millamant), Kenneth MacDonald (Waitwell, servant to Mirabell), Marianne Jean-Baptiste (Foible, woman to Lady Wishfort), Geraldine McEwan (Lady Wishfort, enemy to Mirabell, for having falsely pretended love to her), Catherine Tate (Peg), Francis Maguire (Servant to Lady Wishfort), Anthony O'Donnell (Sir Wilful Witwoud, half-brother to Anthony Witwoud and nephew to Lady Wishfort), Martin Chamberlain (Coachman), Naomi Capron, James Hirst, Marianne Morley (Footmen & attendants).
Lyttelton Theatre

Wednesday, January 10

*3:00 p.m. Henrik Ibsen. The Master Builder (1893). Dir. Peter Hall. With Alan Bates (Halvard Solness, the master builder), Gemma Jones (Aline Solness, his wife), Victoria Hamilton (Hilde Wangel), John Normington (Dr. Herdal).
Haymarket Theatre Royal
7:15 p.m. George Gordon, Lord Byron. Cain (1821). Dir. John Barton. Design by Louise Belson, Lighting by Geraint Pughe. Music by Per Christian Revholt. Cast: Griffith Jones (Angel), Raymond Bowers (Adam), Carmen Munroe (Eve), Linford Brown (Abel), Samantha Robson (Zillah), Thusitha Jayasundera (Adah), John Carlisle (Lucifer).
The Pit Theatre (Barbican)

Thursday, January 11

2:30 p.m. John Webster. The Duchess of Malfi (1614). A Cheek by Jowl Production. Dir. Declan Donnellan. Design by Nick Ormerod. Lignting by Judith Greenwood. Music by Catherine Jayes. Cast: Anastasia Hille (The Duchess of Malfi, sister of the Cardinal and twin of Ferdinand), Matthew Macfadyen (Antonio Bologna, steward of the Duchess' houshold), Shaun Parkes (Delio, his friend), George Anton (Bosola, gentleman of the horse to the Duchess), Paul Brennen (Cardinal), Scott Handy (Ferdinand, Duke of Calabria, brother to the Cardinal and twin of Ferdinand), Avril Clark (Cariola, her waiting woman), Nicola Redmond (Julia, mistress of the Cardinal), Matthew Bowyer, Sean Hannaway, Christopher Keil, Terence Maynard, Guy Moore, Peter Moreton (The Court, Officers, Madmen, and Executioners).
Wyndams Theatre
7:30 p.m. Edmond Rostand. Cyrano de Bergerac (1898). Dir. Anuradha Kapur. Translated by Ranjit Bolt. Adapted by Jatinder Verma. Design by Magdalen Rubalcava. Lighting by Paul O'Leary. Music by Vanraj Bhatia. Cast: Yogesh Bhatt (Announcer/Durgesh Prasad, Actor-manager), Vinny Dhillon (Naheed, Rukhsaan's dresser/Patience, Raghavun's wife/Spectator), Vincent Ebrahim (Lobo, a drunken poet/Spectator), Nizwar Karanj (Daaruwalla, the stage manager/Madhumal, actor- manager of the rival company/Priest), John Leary (Actor, Patience's lover/J.J.Marzbaan, film producer/Madan, prop man for Prasad's company/Qatib, songster of Prasad's company), Andrew Mallett (Kishan, new actor in Prasad's company/Spectator), Kumiko Mendl (Rukhsaan, leading actress in Madhumal's rival company), Richard Santhiri (Mahesh, scenic artist for Prasad's company/Shadow), Naseeruddin Shah (Cyrano Danmull Barchha).
Cottesloe Theatre
Friday, January 12
5:45 p.m. Dinner at Mon Plaisir , 21 Monmouth Street. Covent Garden
7:30 p.m. Stephen Sondheim. Company (1972). Dir. Sam Mendes Cast: Adrian Lester (Robert), Rebecca Front (Sarah), Clive Rowe (Harry), Clare Burt (Susan), Gareth Snook (Peter), Sadovy Liza (Jenny), Teddy Kempner (David), Sophie Thompson (Amy), Michael Simkins (Paul), Sjeo;a Gosj (Joanne), Paul Bentley (Larry), Anna Francolini) (Marta), Kiran Hocking (Kathy), Hannah James (April).
Donmar Warehouse
Saturday, January 13
*2:30 p.m. Cinderella: The Greatest Pantomime of the All . Director/Choreographer Lionel Blair. Design by Hugh Durrant. Musical Director, David Oliver. Lighting Designer Francis Reid. Cast: Carmen Silvera (Fairy Godmother), Leslie Ash from TV's Men Behaving Badly (Cinderella), Gavin Campbell from TV's That's Life (Baron Hardup), Fred Evans and Phil Randall (Patsy and Edina, The Ugly Sisters), Lionel Blair (Buttons), Fogwell Flax (Dandini), Leslie Mills (Major Domo), Bruce Roberts from TVs Home and Away (Prince Charming). The Babette Langford Young Set (Babes), Dancers. Reg Grant Ponies.
Richmond Theatre
*3:00 p.m. Willy Russell. Blood Brothers (1988). Dir. Bob Tomson. Cast: Stephanie Lawrence (Mrs. Johnstone), Richard Barnes (Narrator), Paul Crosby (Mickey), Mark Hutchinson (Eddie), Joanna Monro (Mrs. Lyons), Jacinta Whyte (Linda).
Phoenix Theatre
7:45 p.m. George and Ira Gershwin. Crazy for You (1990). Book by Ken Ludwig. Dir. Mike Ockrent. Choreography by Susan Stroman. Cast: Tim Flavin (Bobby Child), Helen Way (Polly Baker), Chris Langham (Bela Zangler), Avril Angers (Mother), Don Fellows (Everett Baker), Anne Wood (Irene Roth), Stuart Milligan (Lank Hawkins), Robert Austin (Andre), Paula Tinker (Patricia), Michelle Hedgson (Tess), Jane Fowler (Patsy). The Deadrock Rhythm Kings: Jason di Mascio (Pete), Joseph Noble (Mingo), Mark Robertson (Sam), Lisa Donmall (Sheila), Joantha Dunn (Betsyi), Adrian Edmeades (Billy), Alan Forrester (Custus), Nicola Hughes (Margie), Selina Joscelin (Louise), Keith Kirkwood (Moose), Richard O'Neal (Bud), Loretta O'Neill (MItzi), Lisa Reynolds (Susie), Marianne Richards (Elaine), Adrian Sarple (Wyatt), David Shelmerdine (Jimmy), Claire Taylor (Vera), Nicholas Warnford (Perkins/Harry), Gavin Lee (Swing), Annette McLaughlin (Swing), Johanne Murdock (Swing), David Wilder (Swing).
Prince Edward Theatre

Seminar Participants:

Emily Rebecca Aldrich
Marianne Bottros
Rizetta E. Brugger
Jennifer Lynn Bunce
Anita Lorraine Gaurnier
Jenny Nova Han
Joel Thomas Helfrich
Rocky Mark Hensley
Lynn Michelle Heroux
Cynthia Jean Kerber
Joseph Christopher Lamantia
Connie NGan Lui
Jay M. Smith
Amy Kathrynb Stevens
Vajravorn Tasukon
Wan Sin Yim
Russell and Ruth Peck