English 333: Theatre in England

* = Seen (or attended) by some but not everyone in the group.

Thursday, December 29

*2:00 p.m

Richard Nelson. New England (1994). Dir. Peter Gill. Design by Hayden Griffin. Lighting by Andy Phillips. Music by Terry Davies. Cast: David Burke (Harry Baker), Angela Thorne (Alice Berry, his girl friend), Mick Ford (Tom Berry, her ex-brother in law), Selina Cadell (Elizabeth Baker, Harry's daughter), Duncan Bell (Peter Baker, Harry's son), Diane Hardcastle (Gemma Baker, Harry's eldest child), David Burke (Alfred Baker, Harry's brother), Annie Cobler (Sophie Baker, Paul's wife).

The Pit
*8:00 p.m. Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill. The Threepenny Opera . Dir. Phyllida Lloyd. Trans. Robert David MacDonald, with new song lyrics by Jeremy Sams. With Tom Hollander, Sharon Small, Tom Mannion, Beverley Klein.
Donmar Warehouse

Friday, December 30

*2:30 p.m.

Diana Morgan, book and lyrics. The Secret Garden . Music by Stephen Markwick. Based on the novel by Frances Hodgson Murnett.

King's Head Theatre
8:00 p.m. Edward Albee. Three Tall Women (1993). Dir. Anthony Page. Design by Carl Toms. Lighting by Jenny Cane. Cast: Maggie Smith (A), Frances De La Tour (B), Anastasia Hille (C), John Ireland (The Young Man).
Wyndhams Theatre

Saturday, December 31

2:30 p.m. Christopher Hampton and Martha Clarke. Alice's Adventures Under Ground (1994). Director & choreographer Martha Clarke. Music by Richard Peeslee. Design by Robert Israel. Cast: Sasha Hanau (Alice), Michael Maloney (Lewis Carroll), John Carlisle (Mock Turtle/ Frog Footman), Gabrielle Lloyd (Mouse/Duchess/White Queen), Joseph Mydell (Cook/Red Queen).
Cottesloe Theatre
7:30 p.m.

Lillian Hellman. The Children's Hour (1934). Dir. Howard Davies. Design by Ashley Martin-Davis. Cast: Harriet Walter (Karen Wright), Claire Higgins (Martha Dobie), Gillian Barge (Mrs. Amelia Tilford), Emily Watson (Mary Tilford), Katy Brittain (Evelyn Munn), Elise Claxton (Lesley), Alison Fiske (Mrs. Lily Mortar), William Gaminara (Dr. Joseph Cardin), Joanna Holden (Rosalie Wells), Amy Marston (Catherine), Teresa McElroy (Helen Burton), Joanna McInnes (Peggy Rogers), Geraldine Newman (Agatha), Lucinda Raikes (Janet), Georgina Sowerby (Lois Fisher), Ardan Tierney (Grocery Boy).

Lyttelton Theatre

Sunday, January 1

*11:15 a.m. Mass at Westminster Abbey, with the Cathedral Choir.
*12:30 p.m. City of London's New Year's Day Parade. Review stand at Westminister Tube stop on Whitehall.
*8:30 p.m Jean Paul Sartre. Intimacy . Dir. Michael Almaz. Artaud Theatre Company Production.
Café Theatre

Monday, January 2

2:30 p.m. Grimm Tales . Adapted by Carol Ann Duffy. Dir. Tim Supple. Design by Melly Still.
Young Vic Theatre
7:15 p.m. Carlo Goldoni. The Venetian Twins (c. 1760). Dir. Michael Bogdanov. Trans. Ranjit Bolt (1994). Design by Kendra Ullyart. Lighting by Chris Ellis. Music by Terry Mortimer. Cast: Sarah Woodward (Rosaura (Dr. Balanzoni's daughter and bride to be), Sian Radinger (Columbina, her maid), Robin Soans (Dr. Balanzoni), James Hayes (Brighella, his servant), David Troughton (Zanetto, Rosaura's fiancè). Christopher Hunter (Pancrazio. a friend of Tonino), Jenny Quale (Beatrice, Tonino's fianèe), Jonathan Phillips (Florindo, a friend of Tonino), Guy Henry (Lelio, Dr. Balanzoni's nephew), David Troughton (Tonino (Zanetto's twin brother), Ian Hughes (Arleccino, Zanetto's servant), Gary Taylor (Porter), Peter ByGott (Tiburzio, a jeweller), Mike Burnside (Bargello, the Chief Constable), Alexi K. Campbell, Simon Coury, Damien Lyne, Caroline Payne, Sara Weymouth, Anita Wright (Guards, street vendors, servants, etc.). [The first Commedia del'Arte play to be successfully produced from a script (rather than being all improvisation) and without masks.]
The Pit Theatre at the Barbican

Tuesday, January 3

2:30 p.m. Cinderella. Directed by Paul Elliot and Kim Gavin. Written by Paul Elliott. Musical Director Paul Jury. Associate Producers Brian Hewitt-Jones/Chris Moreno. Choreography by Kim Gavin. Lighting by Joe Atkins. Wardrobe by Ros Williams. Cast: June Whitfield (Fairy Godmother), Sally Meen (Cinderella), Caroline Dennis (Prince Charming), Claire Callaghan (Dandini), Mark Curry (Buttons), Rolf Harris (Baron Hardup), Nigel Ellacott and Peter Robbins (Ugly Sisters), Robin Askwith and Ian Botham (Broker's Men), Tony Hudson (Lord Chamberlain), numerous villagers, and The Babette Langford Young Set. Ponies supplied by George W. Gold. [Sally Meen is a popular TV gameshow host who turns in a lively performance. Ian Botham, a living cricket legend, bats chocolates into the audience at unexpected and expected moments throughout the production. The Uglies parade through a dozen or so costume changes. At one point, as they try to secure the Broker's Men as their beaus, after Cinderella has wrapped up the Prince, one of the large balloon breasts of the elegant but ugly sisters bursts; the other balloon then slips down below her waist as if she were pregnant, which gains her a reluctant broker.]
Wimbleton Theatre
7:45 p.m. J. B. Priestley. An Inspector Calls (1946). Dir. Stephen Daldry. Design by Ian McNeil. With Barry Foster, Margaret Tyzack, and Edward Peel.
Aldwych Theatre

Wednesday, January 4

2:15 p.m.

Arthur Miller. Broken Glass (1994). Dir. David Thacker. Design by Shelagh Keegan. Music by Gary Yershon. Cast: Henry Goodman (Philip Gellberg), Margo Leicester (Sylvia Gillberg), Julie Swift (Harriet, Sylvia's Sister), Sally Edwards (Margaret Hyman), Ken Shott (Dr. Harry Hyman), Ed Bishop (Stanton Case).

Lyttelton Theatre
7:00 p.m. Winsome Pinnock. Leave Taking (1987). Dir. Pauletter Randall. Designer Poppy Mitchell. Cast: Jenni George (Enid Matthews), Ginny Holder (Viv), Doreen Ingleton (Mai, an Obeah woman), Karen Tomlin (Delores, "Del"), David Webber (Broderick James).
Cottesloe Theatre
In Stratford

Thursday, January 5

1:30 p.m. William Shakespeare. Coriolanus (1608). Dir David Thacker. Design by Fran Thompson. Lighting by Alan Burrett. Cast: Toby Stephens (Coriolanus), Caroline Blakiston (Volumnia), Philip Voss (Menenius), Barry Lynch (Tullus Aufidius), Ewan Hopper (Junius Brutus), David Killick (Cominius), Linal Haft (Sicinius Velutus), Anthony Naylor (Titus Lartius), Kevin Doyl (Nicanor), Ivor Hill (Martius), Monica Dolan (Virgilia), Tanya Moodie (Valeria), Allan Faulkner (Volcian Senator), Kenn Sabberton (Adrian), David Hounslow (Watch).
Swan Theatre
7:30 p.m. Anne Devlin. After Easter (1994). Dir. Michael Attenborough. Design by Francis O'Connor. Lighting by Robert Jones. Music by Jennie Muskett. Cast: Stella Gonet (Greta), Ann Hasson (Aoife), Doreen Hepburn (Rose Flynn), William Houston (Manus Flynn), Janet McKenzie (Emer/Elish), Claire Carrie (Melda/ Silent Nun), Jonathan Dean (First Soldier), Liam O'Callaghan (Michael Flynn), Sean O'Callaghan (Paul Watterson), Darren Roberts (Second Soldier), Katherine Rogers (Helen), Ray Ward (Campbell/Commanding Officer).
The Other Place

Friday, January 6

7:30 p.m.

William Shakespeare. Twelfth Night (1600). Dir. Ian Judge. Design by Deidre Clancy. Set by John Gunther. Cast: Emma Fielding (Viola), Derek Geiffiths (Feste), Tony Britton (Sir Toby Belch), Haydn Gwynne (Olivia), Clive Wood (Orsino), Joanna McCallum (Maria), Bille Brown (Sir Andrew Aguecheek), Desmond Baritt (Malvolio), James Barriscale (Sea Captain).

Royal Shakespeare Theatre

Saturday, January 7

1:30 p.m. John Ford. The Broken Heart (1629). Dir. Michael Boyd. With Robert Bowman, Tony Britton, Emma Fielding, Robert Gillespie, Iain Glen, Philip Voss, Olivia Williams.
Swan Theatre
7:30 p.m. Henrik Ibsen. Peer Gynt (1867). Dir. John Barton. With Alfred Burke, Colin George, Haydn Gwynne, Thusitha Jayasundera, Alex Jennings, Catherine Kanter, David Killick, Claire Marchionne, Tanya Moodie, Kenn Sabberton, Olivia Williams.

Swan Theatre

In London

Sunday, January 8

3:00 p.m.

William Shakespeare. Much Ado About Nothing (1599). Dir. Leigh O'Connor.

Two-Way Mirror Theatre Club
7:00 p.m. Michael Almaz. The Poet and his Double (1994). [The life and work of Isaac Rosenberg, killed in the trenches, 1918.]
Café Theatre
Monday, January 9
3:00 p.m.

Christina Rossetti Exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery.

7:30 p.m. Richard Brinsley Sheridan. The Rivals (1775). Dir. Richard Cottrell. With Patricia Routledge and Richard Johnson.
Albery Theatre

Tuesday, January 10

3:00 p.m. Andrew Lloyd Webber. Cats (1982). Dir. Trevor Nunn.
New London Theatre
7:15 p.m. William Shakespeare. Hamlet (1601). Dir. Peter Hall. With Stephen Dillane, Michael Pennington, Donald Dinden, Gina Bellman.
Gielgud Theatre

Wednesday, January 11

2:30 a.m. Tom Stoppard. Arcadia (1988). Dir. Trevor Nunn. With Roger Allam and Joanne Pearce.
Haymarket Theatre
7:30 p.m. Euripides. Ion (ca. 400 B.C.). English version by David Lan. Dir. Nicholas Wright. With Jude Law, Eve Pearce, Peter Guinness, Christopher Robbie, Johanna Benyon, Diedre Doon, Tania Levey.
The Pit Theatre at the Barbican

Thursday, January 12

3:00 p.m. Willy Russell. Blood Brothers (1988). Dir. Bob Tomson. Cast: Stephanie Lawrence (Mrs. Johnstone), Richard Barnes (Narrator), Paul Crosby (Mickey), Mark Huttchinson (Eddie), Joanna Monro (Mrs. Lyons), Jacinta Whyte (Linda).
Phoenix Theatre
5:45 p.m. Dinner at Mon Plaisir, 21 Monmouth Street . London WC2, Covent Garden .
7:45 p.m. George and Ira Gershwin. Crazy for You (1990). By Ken Ludwig. Dir. Mike Ockrent. Choreography by Susan Stroman. With Tim Flavin (Bobby Child) and Helen Way (Polly Baker).
Prince Edward Theatre

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