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Ronald W. Jones

Ronald W. Jones

  • Professor of Economics, Emeritus

PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1956

206  Harkness Hall
(585) 275-2688

Office Hours: By appointment

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications

  • “International Trade and Agglomeration: An Alternative Framework” (with Henryk Kierzkowski).
  • “Real Wages and Trade: Insights from Extreme Examples” (with Roy Ruffin).
  • “International Technology Transfer: Who Gains and Who Loses?” (with Roy Ruffin).
  • “Immigration vs. Outsourcing: Effects on Labor Markets”
  • “Triangles and Trade: Lionel McKenzie as a Trade Theorist”
  • “International Fragmentation and the New Economic Geography,” (with Henryk Kierzkowski).
  • “Trade and Wages: A Deeper Investigation,” (with Roy Ruffin).
  • “Eli Heckscher and the Holy Trinity”
  • “Trade Theory and Factor Intensities: An Interpretive Essay,” (2002), Review of International Economics, 10 (4), pp. 581-603. Also appearing as Ch. 1 in E. Kwan Choi and James Harrigan (eds.) (2003): Handbook of International Trade (Blackwell).
  • "The Technology Transfer Paradox," (with Roy Ruffin) .
  • "Specific Factors and Heckscher-Ohlin: An Intertemporal Blend"
  • "The Specific-Factors Model"
  • "The Aggregate Elasticity of Factor Substitution with Middle Products"
  • "Production Fragmentation and Outsourcing: General Concerns"
  • "Protection and Real Wages: The History of an Idea"
  • "Key International Trade Theorems and Large Shocks"
  • "Who is Better Able to Get Protection?"
  • "The Role of Services in Production and International Trade: A Theoretical Framework" (with Henryk Kierzkowski), published in The Political Economy of International Trade, edited by Ronald W. Jones and Anne O. Krueger, Basil Blackwell.