Student's headshot

Xuening Zhang

BA in Data Science with a concentration in Economics and Business; BS in Business Analytics; Cluster in Film Media Studies-Production Track

Hometown: Wuhan, China

Capstone Project: URMC-Caregiver with Chenwei Wu, Haosong Rao, Meizhu Wang

Research: Remote program with Professor Pradeep Ravikumar from CMU to accomplish an individual project to evaluate the prediction of credit risk with different machine learning models.

Internship(s): Part-time Assistant, Consulting Department, Mckinsey (May 2020 to Present); PTA, Consulting Department, Deloitte Company (June to July 2019); Assistant Loan Intern, Credit Department, China Construction Bank (June to August 2018).

Future Plans: Work for one year and apply for graduate school in 2021.