Student's headshot

Yijie Yuan

BS in Data Science with a concentration in Economics and Business; Clusters in Japanese & Economics

Hometown: Shanghai, China

Capstone Project: RMSC with Xinyi Lu, Haoran Zhu, Zhepeng Huang

Events: STAT-2018

Teaching Assistant for: CSC 171 with Ted Pawlicki

Research: Predicting optical rotation using machine learning supervised by Brendan Mort

Find out correlation between melody and lyrics supervised by Zhiyao Duan

Internship(s): Data Analyst intern in Renren TV in Shanghai at sophomore year in Shanghai.

Other Highlights: Music Director in Cosmopolitan Band

Future Plans: Academia: University of Chicago, Master of Science in Analytics


Memory of Rochester: I learned so much from the Secondary Piano lesson taught by Doctors in Eastman School of Music. It feels like these four years boosted my piano skill twice much as I had accumulated in the past fifteen years.

Message to Family and Friends: I'm so grateful that my parents support my decision to study in U of R, and allow me to choose whatever I love to take. I meet those great professors who are both knowledgable and kind to share anything they know, especially professor Brendan Mort.