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Chenwei Wu

BS in Data Science with a concentration in Economics and Business; BA in Financial Economics; Minor in Japanese

Hometown: Changzhou, Jiangsu, China

Capstone Project: URMC Caregiver with Haosong Rao, Xuening Zhang, (Meizhu Wang didn't do anything)

Events: Academy Health, Society for Research in Psychopathology Annual Meeting, Cognitive Neuroscience Society (All conferences)

Awards: Phi Beta Kappa, Deans Lists for all semesters

Teaching Assistant for: ECO268, Professor Yan Bai; DSC265 Professor Almudevar; DSC240 Professor Pawlicki

Research: Machine learning in health care (2 semesters, 3 projects), Professor Huiwen Xu; Youth suicide and self-injurious behaviors(3 semesters, multiple projects), Professor Cassie Glenn (She went home to ODU in Virginia last year, now I am working with her Phds)

Internship(s): Summer 2018, Boston, Data Analyst at Commonwealth of Massachusetts; Winter 2018 Consulting Intern at PwC Shanghai; Summer 2019 Technology Analyst at Credit Suisse NYC office.

Other Highlights: Ex President of Rochester Data Science Society (Sponsored by CTSI)

Volunteered with college friends in Tioman Island, Malaysia (Diving to protect coral reefs), CSUG Tutoring, One semester of rowing , Gained 39 pounds lol

Future Plans: Industry: Technology Analyst at Credit Suisse, NYC (accepted the offer, hope opt gets processed in time)

LinkedIn Profile:

Memory of Rochester: In my freshman year, I lived in my own dorm in Gilbert for only 3 days, then I never went back to sleep again. Slept in literally everywhere else (friend's place or library): Tiernan, Lovejoy, Hoeing, Sueb, Gleason, Rushrees... But most interesting was that

Message to Family and Friends: thanks all Professors who gave me As,

thanks my dear friends I love you all, we wasted some happy silly 4 years in our life together <3

time flies so fast, might not be able to meet many of the people in Rochester again but I have good memories!