Student's headshot

Sahaj Somani

BA in Data Science with a concentration in Economics and Business; BA in Financial Economics; Cluster in Studio Arts

Hometown: New Delhi, Delhi, India

Capstone Project: KOAA Google Analytics with Tanmay Thakkar, Spencer Leonard, Matthew Koo

Events: I attended Dandyhacks every year and then the Princeton Fintech Quant Conference in April 2020

Awards: Provost Scholar and some awards which you have to be nominated for by the professor each semester. I don't remember the name exactly. Finally, a nomination to the Alpha Beta Kappa

Teaching Assistant for: DSC 262 with Professor Ciminelli. ECO 209 with Professor Bils and CSC 161 with Professor Sarkis

Internship(s): Quantitative Researcher, WealthNet Partners, New Delhi, Summer 2019

Other Highlights: Varsity Mens Tennis, CETL Tutor, Quant Meliora Collective, FEC, Note taker for disability resources

Future Plans: Start a hedge fund or business: I want to do something entrepreneurial. Just not sure what yet.


Memory of Rochester: Sitting in the quad soaking some sun in the fall and snowboarding in the spring.

Message to Family and Friends: A huge shoutout to my parents, I wouldn't be the guy I am today if it weren't for you. And I know I am always complaining, but a big thank you to all the enchanting forces I've encountered during this journey, may it be friends, professors, or the barista