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Anna Christine Shors

BS in Data Science with a concentration in Computer Science, Statistics, and Mathematics; BA in Mathematics; Minor in Philosophy; Clusters in Politics and Mathematics

Hometown: Towson, Maryland, USA

Capstone Project: We worked with the Hajim School to identify groups of transfer students who are at risk of failing to graduate. with Maya Haigis, Johnny Polimeni, Mwada Elmahgoub

Teaching Assistant for: I was a TA for STT 276: Statistical Computing in R with Professor Grzesik

Internship(s): I participated in Johns Hopkins Human Language Technology Center for Excellence's Summer Camp for Applied Language Exploration in Baltimore, MD during the summer of 2019

Other Highlights: I have been the captain of the Women's Club Volleyball team for the past three years, and it has really helped me find a close-knit community at the university.

Future Plans: Academia: I will be attending Stanford University to pursue a Masters in Data Science.