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Shuaidong Pan

BS in Data Science with a concentration in Computer Science, Statistics, and Mathematics; BA in Financial Economics; Cluster in Music

Hometown: Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China

Capstone Project: Mining Hidden Patterns for Transportation Accidents of RTS with Faner Lin, Qianyi Li, Yi Yao

Events: First author of a paper that published in IEEE International Conference of Bigdata 2019; Winner of External Data group of Datafest 2019@RIT

Awards: Discover Research Grant 2019, Student Presentation Award 2019

Teaching Assistant for: DSC 262/DSC 462 Joseph Ciminelli; DSC 240 Jiebo Luo; MTH 203 Rao Poduri

Research: Social Media Mining at at Vista Lab with Professor Jiebo Luo; Computational Linguistic at Facts lab with Professor Aaron White.

Internship(s): FSO-Actuary and Risk Management Intern at EY, Beijing, China, 2019

Future Plans: Academia: Carnegie Mellon University, Master's of Computational Data Science in the School of Computer Science

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Message to Family and Friends: I'd like to express my sincere thanks to my parents, professors, and friends who support me with their love, support, & encouragement.