Student's headshot

Zhifan Nan

BS in Data Science with a concentration in Economics and Business; BA in Business; Cluster in Music

Hometown: Beijing, CHINA

Capstone Project: Facebook advertising on KOAA with Peijun Xu, Yuhan Gao, Yahan Yang

Awards: Discover grant of Undergraduate Summer Research, Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society, Dean’s List for every semester

Teaching Assistant for: DSC262, Joseph Ciminelli

Research: Automatic Radiology Report Generation based on Multi-view Image Fusion and Medical Concept Enrichment, Jiebo Luo

Internship(s): Title: Technical Business Analyst Intern. Name of the organization: Chinese Merchants Bank, the Ministry of Information and Technology. Location: Beijing China,.Year: 2018

Other Highlights: UR Campus Ambassador for UIBE summer project; Part-time data analyst for CreditSpectrum Corporation in my last semester (part-time student); Member of VIStA Research Group led by Jiebo Luo

Future Plans: Academia (I am going to graduate school): Master of Science in Data Science in NYU


Memory of Rochester: The 2nd half of DSC275 about deep learning was impressive and I can hear the Edgar's passion from his tone even though he's a part-time instructor. Learned a lot!! Really suggest him to be a professor.