Student's headshot

Xiaoning Guo

BS in Data Science with a concentration in Economics and Business; BA in Mathematics; Minor in Computer Science; Clusters in East Meets West, Introduction to Economics

Hometown: Rochester, New York, USA

Capstone Project: Wegmans with James Zhan, Stephen Savchik, Luke Gerstner

Teaching Assistant for: DSC 201 Tools for Data Science (Brendan Mort), DSC 383W Data Science Capstone (Ajay Anand), CSC 249 Machine Vision (Chenliang Xu), CSC 240 Data Mining (Ted Pawlicki), DSC 275 Time Series Forecasting (Ajay Anand)

Internship(s): Data Science Intern 2019, Panasonic Avionics Corporation, Pleasanton, California

Other Highlights: President, Undergraduate Data Science Council

Future Plans: Academia: New York University, Master's in Data Science

Memory of Rochester: Top of Rush Rhees at sunrise.

Message to Family and Friends: I'd like to give thanks to my friends, family, and the UR staff for being there for me in these past four years of great fun, learning, and opportunity. Most of you will be missed. And for the others, I'll might still be in Rochester!