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Luke Gerstner

BS in Data Science with a concentration in Economics and Business; Minor in Business

Hometown: Wolcott, New York, USA

Events: MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

Awards: 3rd place for paper at the Sloan Conference

Teaching Assistant for: DSC 265 with Anthony Almudevar

Research: I worked in the RocHCI Lab from summer of 2018 until now. I worked on a project in detecting deception, as well as a project about determining what makes someone a strong debater.

Internship(s): Data Science Intern at Hanover Insurance in Worcester, MA during Summer of 2019

Other Highlights: Men's Club Volleyball - Vice President/Coach

Future Plans: Industry: Junior Data Scientist at Rosen in Columbus, Ohio

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Message to Family and Friends: Thank you to all the people that made this an exciting journey over the past years.