Student's headshot

Maralmaa Erdenebat

BS in Data Science with a concentration in Economics and Business; BS in Business Finance; Cluster in French

Hometown: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Capstone Project: Crime and Vacancy with Peiran Chen, Yaxin Liu, Xiangyi Liu

Events: Smart Data Travel Summit 2018 - Florida. Attendance by travel-related companies like Airbnb, Southwest Airlines to talk about the industry and the role of data

Awards: College Squash Association Academic Recognition Award

Teaching Assistant for: GBA220 – Roy Jones

Other Highlights: Women's Squash, URIB, RA

Future Plans: Industry: Investment banking in NYC

LinkedIn Profile:

Memory of Rochester: Playing squash with friends and building my own games for the very first time in CSC171 and 172.

Message to Family and Friends: Special thanks and shout out to my family (хайртай шүү), for their unwavering support and enthusiasm, and friends (especially May). I had not known of DS when I came to UR, so am glad to be a part of this growing alumni family.