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Mawada Abdalla Elmahgoub

BS in Data Science with a concentration in Economics and Business; Minor in Statistics; Clusters in Public Health and Studio Arts

Hometown: Khartoum, Sudan

Capstone Project: Hajim Advising Project - Improving Transfer Graduation rate with Maya Haigis, John Polimeni, Anna Shors

Events: Grace Hopper Celebration 2019 - Amazing experience where I got to connect with many women in technology and specifically women in Data Science!

Teaching Assistant for: DSC 262 with Joseph Ciminelli

Other Highlights: Student Alumni Ambassador with Alumni Relations, Peer Career Advisor at the Greene Center, National Academy of Engineerings Grand Challenge Scholar - Advancing Health Informatics

Future Plans: Still looking for a job

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Message to Family and Friends: Thank you to my friends here, at home and around the world who have lived with me through my greatest and hardest days. To my family, thank you for believing in me, for encouraging me throughout my endeavors and for your unconditional support in all my pursuits.