Student's headshot

Jayant Rohra

Master of Science in Data Science

Hometown: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

Previous Education: B.Tech, Computer Science and Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology

Capstone Project: Paychex

Events: DandyHacks

Teaching Assistant for: DSC 275, Time Series Analysis

Internship(s): Google - Although my role was that of a Technical Program Manager, I worked on building Monte Carlo simulation models to estimate project risk. This internship highlighted the fact that data science can be applied in any field and is a powerful tool for a person at any position in the organization.

Other Highlights: Worked at the Rochester Data Science Consortium (RDSC).

Future Plans: Industry: Plan to work for some good company in California. Still looking for a job!

Memory of Rochester: Hanging out with fellow classmates at Grappa, which we visited the almost every weekend before COVID.

Message to Family and Friends: Studying at the University of Rochester was a wonderful experience. Pursuing a Master's degree here helped me break out of my comfort zone that I had immersed myself into since I got into the industry. I would like to thank my parents for giving me the necessary push that enabled me to pursue my graduate studies. I would also like to thank my program coordinator, Lisa Altman who helped me with all the queries I had about the program. All the faculty at GIDs and UR are amazing!! It was a great learning experience. Thank you, everyone!