Student's headshot

Meghana Murthy

Master of Science in Data Science

Hometown: Bangalore, INDIA

Previous Education: Bachelors of Engineering in Information Science at RV College of Engineering

Capstone Project: UR Sustainability

Teaching Assistant for: DSC 401, Tools for Data Science with Prof. Brendan Mort

Internship(s): Red Horse Corporation, a company based in San Diego, CA, that provides energy, environmental, technology, and intelligence services to support the US government.

Other Highlights: Research Assistant for the Department of Political Science, where I worked investigating potential discrimination in political science publishing.

Future Plans: Industry: TECDP (Technology Early Career Development Program) Senior Analyst at Cigna, a health insurance company based in New York City

Message to Family and Friends: Thank you so much to all the faculty members at GIDS, all my classmates, and all my friends and family. This achievement isn't a solo effort and I could not have done it with the love, support, and encouragement from everyone around me.