Student's headshot

Purvanshi Mehta

Master of Science in Data Science

Hometown: Udaipur, INDIA

Previous Education: BE - Software Engineering from Thapar University

Capstone Project: Constellation Brands

Events: Neurips 2019, ICML 2020, ACL 2020, Naisys 2020

Internship(s): Yes, remote summer internship at Amazon Alexa as an applied AI scientist. One summer highlight is that I had one of the highest rated poster presentations on pre-training graph neural networks for NLP tasks.

Research: Under Prof. Ralf Haefner

Future Plans: Industry: Joining Microsoft in January

Memory of Rochester: Getting research experience and time spent with friends.

Message to Family and Friends: Thanks to Lisa, Prof Ajay, Prof. Ralf, parents, sister and friends.