Student's headshot

Raunak Mahalik

Master of Science in Data Science

Hometown: Cypress, California, USA

Previous Education: (BS) Electronics and Communication Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology

Capstone Project: Paychex

Events: DandyHacks

Teaching Assistant for: I was a TA for the DSCC 462 and DSC 101 courses.

Internship(s): During the summer I worked with Professor Ajay Anand on a data science project. I was also an intern with the Rochester Data Science Consortium, working to quantify the impact of COVID-19 on the airline industry.

Other Highlights: I was the GSA Data Science Department Representative. I worked briefly at the River campus libraries as a data science specialist. I worked closely with Professor Ajay Anand as the data science program assistant. 

Future Plans: Industry: Working as a Data Engineer/Analyst

Message to Family and Friends:I want to thank my professors and the entire data science department for making my masters a memorable one. I learned a lot about data science during my masters and I believe that my education will help me achieve my career aspirations.