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Center of Excellence

Education and Training

The Center of Excellence in Data Science (CoE) is dedicated to supporting formal graduate and undergraduate programs and experiential learning opportunities to help increase the pool of well-trained, highly skilled data scientists.

There is a national demand for scientists and managers versed in the field of data science across business, healthcare, technology, and government. A 2013 report by the McKinsey Global Institute estimated that by 2018 the US will “have a shortage of up to 190,000 qualified data scientists, plus a need for 1.5 million executives and support staff who have an understanding of data.” New York State in particular is a center for data science jobs in finance, marketing, and healthcare. 

The Goergen Institute for Data Science offers undergraduate and graduate programs in data science to address this growing need. These programs help prepare students to address significant real-world problems in a variety of careers in industry, government, academia, and other sectors. 

The CoE facilitates access to these new programs and to a range of other informal training opportunities such as workshops, seminars, and courses provided by the CoE and regional partners.

If you are interested in finding a talented data science intern, engaging a student team to address a real world data analysis need, or have another training need contact: Mike Kennerknecht at or (585) 275-1043