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Jonathan Kraus

Jonathan Kraus

  • Prior Authorization Specialist

MS, Simon Business School


Adopted from South Korea, Jonathan Kraus grew up in Rochester, NY, where he discovered his passion for bboying and hip hop culture. This passion has continued for the past 18 years and is not just something that Jonathan does, it has become an inseparable part of who he is.

Jonathan graduated from Ithaca College, where he earned a BA in Psychology. During his time at Ithaca, Jonathan was one of the presidents of "IC Breakers," Ithaca College's Bboy Club and an active member of "Absolute Zero," Cornell University's Bboy Club. After graduating, Jonathan returned to Rochester where he was hired by both the University Health Service and more recently, by the Department of Movement and Dance at the University of Rochester.

Jonathan's passion for bboying has allowed him to travel around the world, attending competitions and meeting fellow bboys and bgirls from Mexico, Canada, Holland and Japan.

In October of 2010, Jonathan founded Free Minds Crew, an international hip hop organization that focuses on spreading the message of hip hop around the world. "Hip hop first and foremost is a culture, not a dance or a type of music. The elements of hip hop - bboying, djing, mcing and graffiti, are all expressions of that culture based on the ideals of peace, unity, love and having fun. In contrast, hip hop is not about making money, gangs, violence, drugs, misogyny or any of the other negative stereotypes that are often mistakenly associated with it. Hip hop is so unique because not only is it totally accessible to everyone, it is also entirely inclusive. No matter where you come from or what your background is, you will always be accepted into hip hop culture in a way that allows you to honestly express yourself. That is why it is such a beautiful and necessary thing in today's world."