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Research Safety

Hazardous Material Waste Container Rules

All Hazardous Material Waste Containers MUST:

  1. have a LABEL indicating "HAZARDOUS WASTE". Previous labels should be removed.
  2. have the DATE when the container was first used to collect hazardous materials.
  3. be labeled with the FULL NAMES of the contents and their AMOUNTS or PERCENTAGES when appropriate. The amount contained in the bottle must equal the amount(s) listed on the label.
  4. be kept CLOSED when not actually adding to their contents.
  5. have SECONDARY CONTAINMENT. Grey plastic bins have been purchased for this purpose and are carried by the stockroom. Non-compatible wastes must be kept in separate secondary containment trays. Do not mix wastes (ie. do not mix halogenated solvents with non-halogenated solvents if possible). Waste Containers may not be placed in the sink.
  6. be kept CLEAN. In particular, the outside of the bottle must be free of traces of wastes or residues.