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Andrew S. Kende

  • Charles F. Houghton Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus

PhD, Harvard University, 1957

(585) 275-4231

Research Overview

Professor Kende’s research interests include the total synthesis of alkaloids, terpenes, and antibiotics; rearrangement reactions; synthesis of antineoplastic natural products; chemistry of small rings; chemical and biochemical studies of polyhalogenated xenobiotics and of bacterial autoinducers.

Selected Publications

  • Kende, A. S., Iglewski, B. H., Smith, R., Phipps, R. P., Pearson, J. P. "Methods of Treating or Preventing an Infectious Disease Using an Immunogenic Conjugate of a Gram-negative Bacterial Autoinducer Molecule," US Patent No. 7,384,639. June 10, 2008.
  • Pick, N., Rawat, M., Arad, D., Lan, J., Fan, J., Kende, A. S., Av-Gay, Y. "In vitro properties of antimicrobial bromotyrosine alkaloids," J. Med. Microbiol. 2006, 55, 407-415.
  • Chen, Z. C., Kende, A. S., Colson, A. O., Mendezandino, J. L., Ebetino, F. H., Bush, R.D., Hu, X. E. "Ketopiperazines: Conformationally Constrained Peptidomimetic of Arginine Amides," Synth. Commun. 2006, 36, 473-479.
  • Kende, A. S., Mota Nelson, C. E., Fuchs, S. "Palladium-mediated transannular cyclizations of medium-ring olefinic enolsilanes," Tetrahedron Lett. 2005, 46, 8149-8152.
  • Chen, Z. C., Fan, J., Kende, A. S. "Total synthesis of (+/-)-Alantrypinone by Hetero Diels-Alder Reaction," J. Org. Chem. 2004, 69, 79-85.
  • Kende, A .S., Henry, O., Chen, Z. "Mechanism of an unusual decarboxylative cyclization," Tetrahedron Lett. 2004, 45, 7809-7812.