About Us

The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Outreach (DEIO) Committee is comprised of enthusiastic faculty, staff, and student volunteers from the University of Rochester’s Department of Chemistry. We are always enthusiastic to welcome new members. If you are interested in learning more or getting involved, please contact Professor Rose Kennedy (DEIO Committee Chair) and/or complete this short survey.

2022–2023 Committee Members

A collage of the 2022-23 DEIO committee members.
2022-23 committee members (top to bottom, left to right): Medina Afandiyeva, Maria Camila Aguilera, Daniel Akuamoah, Ian Arnold, Farwa Afzal Awan, Hannah Claus, Ethan DeCicco, Lucy Huffman, Prof. Rose Kennedy, Kaycie Malyk, Prof. Ellen Matson, Prof. Shauna Paradine, Prof. Ben Partridge, Chari Peter, Liz Piedmont, Prof. Lewis Rothberg
Not Shown: Ronald Adukure, Jordan Butt, Amanda Canfield, Shannon Cooney, Mamta Dagar, Kaitlyn Houghtling, Prof. Kathryn Knowles, Cay McNichol, Revathy Rajan

2020–2021 Committee Members

A photo collage of 2021 DEIO members.
2020-21 committee members (top to bottom, left to right): Prof. Rose Kennedy, James Stair (Knowles Lab), Jackson Hernandez (Frontier Lab), Medina Afandiyeva (Kennedy Lab), Ronald Adukure (Fasan Lab), Kylie Ritz (Jones Lab), Karla Sanchez Lievanos (Knowles Lab), Dasha Rodina (Paradine Lab), Prof. Shauna Paradine, Prof. Rudi Fasan, Kait Houghtling (Paradine Lab), Rob Lewis (Matson Lab), Prof. Bradley Nilsson, Prof. Kathryn Knowles, person TBD, Steven Díaz (McCamant Lab), Melissa Jagrosse (Nilsson Lab), Prof. Ignacio Franco, Rachel Garwick (Matson Lab), David Vargas (Fasan Lab), Prof. Ellen Matson, Ray Teng (Technical Staff)