Zhen Chen

Zhen Chen

  • Graduate Student

Ph.D., Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2018
Faculty Mentor(s): Haefner/Padmanabhan

302 cubicle Meliora Hall

Selected Publications

  • Chen Z, Zhu J, Liu X. 2017 Crossing the quasi-threshold manifold of a noise-driven excitable system. Proceedings of The Royal Society A 473: 20170058.
  • Chen Z, Liu X. 2017 Subtle escaping modes and subset of patterns from a nonhyperbolic chaotic attractor. Physical Review E 95: 012208.
  • Chen Z, Liu X. 2017 Noise induced transitions and topological study of a periodically driven system. Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation 48: 454–461.
  • Chen Z, Liu X. 2017 Singularities of fluctuational paths for an overdamped two-well system driven by white noise. Physica A 469: 206-215.
  • Chen Z, Li Y, Liu X. 2016 Noise induced escape from a nonhyperbolic chaotic attractor of a periodically driven nonlinear oscillator. Chaos 26: 935–992.
  • Chen Z, Liu X. 2016 Patterns and singular features of extreme fluctuational paths of a periodically driven system. Physics Letters A 380: 1953-1958.
  • Chen Z, Liu X. 2015 Effect of bounded noise on chaotic motions of stochastically perturbed slowly varying oscillator. Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 76: 72-81.
  • Chen Z, Zhu J, Liu X. Non-differentiability of the Quasi-potential in the Stochastic Morris-Lecar Model: Type I and II Excitability. Under revision.
  • Zhu J, Chen Z, Liu X. 2016 Effects of distance-dependent delay on small-world neuronal networks. Physical Review E 93: 042417.