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New Major Requirements


1. I declared my major under the old requirements, can I finish my major using the old requirements?
Yes, If you are in the class of 2018, you must finish the major using the old requirements. If you are in the class of 2019 or 2020, you can use the old or new requirements. Please consult with your department advisor or the Director of Undergraduate Studies to make a course plan.

2. I would like to do the new major. However, I already took some core courses. Do I need to take them again?
It depends on which courses. ANT 202 and ANT 205 will fulfill the new theory requirement. ANT 204 will fulfill the requirement for Reading Ethnography. Please see the next questions regarding ANT 201 and 203.

3. I will finish the major under the old requirements, but I have not taken ANT 201. What should I do?
You should take ANT 200, which will be offered every year.

4. I want to complete the major under the new requirements, but I already took ANT 201. Do I have to take ANT 200?
You can use ANT 201 to fulfill the theory course requirement under the new requirements. You will also need to take ANT 200.

5. What are the differences between ANT 201 and ANT 200?
ANT 200 will introduce students to anthropological research methods and to the research being done by department faculty. ANT 201 will focus on the history of anthropological theory and count towards the new theory requirement.

6. I am class of 2019 (or 2020) and I would like to finish the major under the old requirements. I was going to take ANT 204 Ethnographic Themes next year, but it's not going to be offered. What should I do?
Take ANT 204 Reading Ethnography instead.

7. I want to do the new major, and I already took ANT 204 Ethnographic Themes. Can I count it?
Yes, the old ANT 204 Ethnographic Themes will fulfill the new requirement for ANT 204 Reading Ethnography.

8. What happened to ANT 203 Ritual, Myth and Scripture?
We have renumbered and renamed this course. It will now be offered as the 200-level elective, Anthropology of Religion. If you took it in the past and want to count it as a core course for the old major, you can. If you want to complete the major under the new requirements, it will count as a 200-level elective, and you must complete the new core requirements.

9. I already took ANT 270 Radical Social Theory. Can I count it as a theory course under the new requirements?
Yes, ANT 270 Radical Social Theory will fulfill the new theory course requirement. We will be renumbering it to ANT 207.