Associate Dean for Strategy and Innovation

(Held by Professor Thomas Devaney)

Job Description and Responsibilities

The Associate Dean for Strategy and Innovation (AD-SI) has oversight over strategic activities in the school and takes a holistic view of operations in order to propose and implement innovations. The AD-SI directly reports to the dean of the school. The AD-SI role is reserved for tenured (rank of associate or full) faculty members of the SAS, and is expected to be 50% administrative effort.

The successful incumbent will have excellent written, verbal communication and interpersonal skills; working with a high degree of professionalism, integrity, discretion, and tact; experience building long-term professional relationships with a wide variety of different individuals based on trust, predictability, and effective communications; experience successfully promoting a positive working environment that encourages creativity, efficiency, and receptivity to change; and the ability to work as a member of a team in a dynamic environment. Having the ability to handle multiple priorities under deadlines while maintaining a high level of professionalism and attention to detail is of the utmost importance.

The current responsibilities of the AD-SI role include, but are not limited to:

  1. Participate in strategic management
    1. Strategizes, coordinates, implements, and facilitates major projects and key management and hiring decisions with and for the Dean.
    2. Works with the Dean, the AD-AP and AD-FA, and the School staff to develop, revise, and implement the School’s ongoing strategic planning process through formulation of policies and co-creation of initiatives.
    3. Works collaboratively with other members of the Dean’s leadership team responding to strategic initiatives impacting the School.
    4. Advises Dean on any matters of importance to the school, and alerts Dean to critical issues.
    5. Establishes and maintain relationships with leadership and faculty in each SAS unit.
    6. Ensures uniformity of decision making across departmental units at the decanal level.
    7. Supports AD-AP in their management and development of programs.
    8. Works with Associate Vice Provost for Academic Equity, AD-FA, and AD-AP to advance DEI in our curriculum, recruiting, and culture and assists departments with faculty governance
    9. Reviews and revises AS&E Rules & Regulations, with Faculty Council/faculty input when appropriate.
    10. Researches and prepares briefing materials for the Dean as requested on a variety of issues.
    11. Participates in the annual SAS budget
  2. Support staff affairs
    1. Interface with AS&E Chief of Staff and HR Business Partner to resolve staff personnel issues in a timely manner
    2. Works collaboratively with other members of the Dean’s leadership team to assess staffing needs and develop innovative approaches to staffing
    3. Reviews and evaluate staff performance data for internal recognition in consultation with department leadership and AS&E chief of staff
    4. Assists with and encourages preparation of nomination files for staff recognition
  3. Enhance faculty recognition
    1. Reviews and evaluates faculty data for internal and external recognition in consultation with AD-FA, Dean for Research, and department leadership
    2. Assist and encourage in preparation of nomination files for faculty recognition
    3. Work with Communications Officer on marketing communications and web pages to align with brand and strategic vision
    4. Identifies faculty to speak with media upon request from University Communications.
    5. Recruits faculty for service on University ad-hoc and standing committees and events as relevant.
  4. Participate in key Alumni/Advancement Events and Marketing Initiatives
    1. Attend the A&S National Council, AS&E Advisory Council and key alumni events.