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Course Information


Spring 2019

ENG 175

Instructors: Alexa Scott-Flaherty,
Credits: 4.0
CRN: 25432
Prerequisites: None
Location: TODD 107
Day and Time: Tuesday 2:00pm - 4:40pm
First Class: Tuesday, January 22
Last Class: Tuesday, April 30
Note: Class meets in the Sloan Studio (Todd 107)

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Training in the techniques by which individual actors set forth the characters recorded in dramatic texts.This course serves as an introduction to, and exploration of the acting process for the stage, developing the fundamental skills students need to approach a text from a performer’s standpoint and to create character. The course takes as its basic premise that the actor’s instrument is the self—with all of the physical, psychological, intellectual, social, moral and spiritual implications of that term. Students will be encouraged in both the expression and the expansion of the self and of the imagination. The class will also help the student develop an overall appreciation for the role of the theatre in today’s society.