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Course Information


Fall 2019

ENG 164

Instructors: John Thompson,
Credits: 4.0
CRN: 26122
Prerequisites: None
Location: TODD 107
Day and Time: Thursday 3:25pm - 6:05pm
First Class: Thursday, August 30
Last Class: Thursday, December 6
Note: Class meets in Sloan Studio (Todd 107)

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This course allows students to move progressively toward a stronger understanding of long form improvisation acting theory and skills related to listening, supporting others, heightening, and taking risks. By the end of this course students will be able to work within a cast to create full length, fully improvised plays that incorporate spontaneous monologues and scenes with recurring characters and themes. Performers will develop skills that enable them to write, direct, edit, and act in pieces that are made up on the spot using a single audience suggestion. Particular focus will paid to the format known as Harold. Originally conceived by Del Close in the 1960’s with the Compass Players in San Francisco and later developed at the Improv Olympic in Chicago with Charna Halpern, the Harold is widely considered the cornerstone of modern improv comedy.