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Course Information


Fall 2019

ENG 154

Instructors: Seth Reiser,
Credits: 2.0
CRN: 26106
Prerequisites: None
Location: TODD 107
Day and Time: Monday 11:05am - 1:45pm
First Class: Monday, September 10
Last Class: Monday, October 29
Note: Class meets in Todd Theatre Lobby

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Space and how it is conceived and explored is fundamental to the telling of stories—onstage and elsewhere. This introductory course aims at giving students skills to create, translate and communicate a visual design/environment for performance. The class will focus on design fundamentals, materials, research and visual storytelling through class discussion, script analysis and practical work. Students will read a play, devise a concept for that play, research possible environments, and begin to produce drawings and other visual ideas for their design. Student's work will be presented and discussed in each class.