The Farber Collection of Gravestone Photography contains images of over 9,000 gravestones.  Most of these stones were made prior to 1800 and are found in the northeastern United States.  This site also contains Jessie Lee Farber's insightful essay, "Early American Gravestones."

This important site created by librarian Melissa Mead of the University of Rochester's Rare Books contains the Mt. Hope Interment Records from 1838-2002.

University of Rochester reference librarian Shirley Ricker has compiled this list of resources useful for research on residents of Mt. Hope cemetery.  Included here is important information regarding the Rochester Public Library's local history department, located downtown in the old building on the second floor.  This collection contains many valuable sources, which are easily accessed, though some materials may not be photocopied.

Published by the Friends of Mt. Hope, Epitaph contains a number of articles on Mt. Hope Cemetery and some of those buried there.

"Rochester's Hope:" a virtual tour of Mt. Hope Cemetery and its links with the University of Rochester.

This web-site on genealogy also contains important information on "causes of death" as they were recorded in the 18th-19th centuries.  Click on GLOSSARIES and then click DISEASES.
This impressive site contains a wealth of information about early Rochester, in general, and Mt. Hope and other cemeteries, in particular.  There is a good section on the symbols found in Mt. Hope, in some cases, with photos.

This is the site for the Friends of Mt. Hope Cemetery of Rochester, NY, founded in 1980, "to restore, preserve, and encourage the public use and enjoyment of the significant cultural resource that is Mt. Hope."  Current programs, tours, and publications of the Friends may be found here.

"Cemeteries of Monroe County, NY" contains useful information on a number of existing and former cemeteries in and around Rochester, including information on over 23,000 tombstones in Mt. Hope.

This is the site of the Association for Gravestone Studies, "Founded for the purpose of futhering the study and preservation of gravemarkers of all periods and styles."  Here, one can find current information regarding the Association's conferences and publications as well as related books available on gravestones and cemeteries.  Further links may be accessed here, as well.

A useful site "devoted to understanding and appreciating cemeteries."  This site has a number of sections, including an extensive list of  gravestone synbols, as well as a section dedicated to epitaphs, both the unique as well as those epitaphs that have been quite popular at various times in America.  Unfortunately, dates and background information on the deceased are generally missing thereby undermining this site's value for epigraphic research.

A fine photo gallery of funerary architecture from around the world.

The Tombstone Travellers Guide, a web-site provides "an intellectual, spiritual and sometimes lighthearted journey when exploring cemeteries in your own locale and around the world."  This site contains a useful guide to cemetery symbolsim with some illustrations.

This impressive web-site describes itself as: "about the appreciation, study and preservation of art and the heritage found in historic cemeteries."  Particularly useful is the section on symbols.