Project Connect

Project Connect is a collaborative effort to develop new technologies that provide an in-depth look at how mothers and children deal with common but stressful situations associated with parenting and child development.  Towards this CONNECT is focused on the following research objectives:

  • Development and testing of a new system called WiPsy (Wireless technology for Psychological research). When combined with video-recording, the WiPsy system allows for the toddler-mother interaction and the stress exhibited by the toddler to be assessed through both behavioral observation and physiological analysis. The way the toddler chooses to react in these unfamiliar environments can then be considered in relation to the complexities of the early parent-child relationship.
  • To delineate and understand how maternal self-regulation supports sensitive and responsive parenting behaviors and how this influences children’s own self-regulatory capacity across multiple domains of functioning
  • Examine how a consideration of the larger ecological context within which mothers and children are embedded may inform these processes

To accomplish these objectives, Project CONNECT utilized an innovative battery of assessments as well as observational coding and clinical interviews with a socioeconomically diverse sample of 185 mothers and their child.  

U of R Press Release

Project Connect

Official Title: Dynamical Systems Tools: Modeling Multi-Level Processes in Parent-Child Relations

Sponsor: National Institute of Nursing Research

Amount Funded:

$1,190,373 for period of 2007-2011

Principal Investigators:

Melissa Sturge-Apple, Ph.D.
Wendi Heinzelman, Ph.D.
Zeljko Ignjatovic, Ph.D.
Fred Rogosch, Ph.D.
Joseph Rausch, Ph.D.