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September 2015
  • RCRCF welcomes our newest PhD student, Hannah Jones!  Hannah earned her BA from Southern Connecticut University in 2013 and spent two years working at Haskin's Laboratory.  She is interested in how interparental conflict in high-risk settings (low SES) influence children's developmental outcomes and investigating maternal executive functions, and how EF can influence parenting in high-risk contexts.
August 2015
  • Rochelle Hentges defended her dissertation: "Toward Greater Specificity in Identifying the Developmental Consequences of a Risky Temperamental Phenotype: An Evolutionary Perspective."  Congratulations Dr. Hentges!

April 2015
  • Jesse Coe successfully defended her two-year thesis: "The Developmental Costs and Benefits of Family Systems Boundary Disturbances: A Function-Based Approach". 
  • Michael Skibo has accepted a tenure track faculty position at SUNY Westchester!!  Congratulations Prof. Skibo!
March 2015
  • RCRCF was very busy at the Society for Research in Child Development Biennual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA this month.  Graduate students took lead roles in over twenty different poster sessions and paper symposiums during the conference on a variety of topics.  In addition, research assistants from Project BRIDGE and STEP also took part in presenting.  It was a really successful trip for the lab to the conference!

  • Michael Skibo was awarded the University of Rochester Edward Peck Curtis Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student!
Febuary 2015
  • Jen Suor recieved a travel award from SRCD to support her presentations at the Biennual Meeting.

January 2015
  • Jen Suor's first author submission to Child Development titled, "Tracing differential pathways of risk: Associations among family adversity, cortisol, and cognitive functioning in childhood", was accepted for publication.
December 2014
  • Rochelle Hentges was awarded the Alfred Baldwin Award given to a graduate student for important contributions in a program of research while enrolled as a graduate student in the Department of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology at the University of Rochester.
November 2014