Approach-Avoidance Motivation Research Group

2014 Selected Publications

Elliot, A.J., & Maier, M.A. (2014). Color Psychology: Effects of Perceiving Color on Psychological Functioning in Humans. Annual Review of Psychology, 65, 95-120.

Roskes, M., Elliot, A.J., & De Dreu, C.K.W. (2014). Why is Avoidance Motivation Problematic, and What Can Be Done About It? Current Directions in Psychological Science, 23, 133-138.

Pravossoudovitch, K., Cury, F., Young, S.G., & Elliot, A.J. (2014). Is red the colour of danger? Testing an implicit red-danger association. Ergonomics, 57, 503-510.

Vansteenkiste, M., Lens, W., Elliot, A.J., Soenens, B., & Mouratidis, A. (2014). Moving the Achievement Goal Approach One Step Forward: Toward a Systematic Examination of the Autonomous and Controlled Reasons Underlying Achievement Goals. Educational Psychologist, 49, 153-174.