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Morgan Thompson

Graduate Student
Entry Year: 2017-2018
Faculty Mentor(s): Patrick Davies

463 Meliora Hall
Fax: (585) 273-1100

Research Overview

Broadly, my research interests focus on children's functioning within the context of interparental conflict.  More specifically, I am interested in examining children's immediate coping responses to interparental conflict and their subsequent socioemotional adjustment. In working toward the development of a formal process- oriented model of children's functioning in the context of interparental conflict, I am also interested in understanding the risk and protective factors that either potentiate children's risk for subsequent adjustment problems or disrupt the cascade of risk leading to adjustment problems. 

Selected Publications

Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals

  • Thompson, M. J., Davies P. T., Hentges, R. F., & Sturge-Apple, M. L. (in press). Delineating the developmental sequelae of children's risky involvement in interparental conflict. Development and Psychopathology.
  • Thompson, M. J., Davies, P. T., Hentges, R. F., Sturge-Apple, M., & Parry, L. Q. (2020). Understanding how and why effortful control moderates children’s vulnerability to interparental conflict. Developmental Psychology
  • Davies, P. T., Thompson, M. J., Martin, M. J., & Cummings, M. E. (2020). The vestiges of childhood interparental conflict: Adolescent sensitization to recent interparental conflict. Child Development.
  • Davies, P. T., Thompson, M. J., Coe, J. L., Hentges, R. F., & Sturge-Apple, M. L. (2020). Children's attentional biases to emotions as sources of variability in their vulnerability to interparental conflict. Developmental Psychology.
  • Davies, P. T., Cicchetti, D., Thompson, M. J., Bascoe, S. M., & Cummings, E. M. (2019). The interplay of polygenic plasticity and adrenocortical activity as sources of variability in pathways among family adversity, youth emotional reactivity, and psychological problems. Development and Psychopathology.
  • Davies, P. T., Thompson, M. J., Coe, J. L., Sturge-Apple, M., & Martin, M. J. (2019). Child response processes as mediators of the association between caregiver intimate relationship instability and children’s externalizing symptoms. Developmental Psychology

Book Chapters

  • Davies, P. T., & Thompson, M. J., (2020). Towards a family process perspective on typical and maladaptive personality characteristics: A commentary on the Turner, Prud’homme, & Legg chapter. In C. W. Lejuez & K. L. Gratz (Eds.), Handbook of Personality Disorders. New York: Cambridge University Press. 


  • Teaching Assistant: Elementary Statistics, College of William & Mary, Fall 2016, Spring 2017
  • Teaching Assistant: Families, Law & Psychology, College of William & Mary, Spring 2016
  • Teaching Assistant: Service Learning in Developmental Psychology, College of William & Mary, Fall 2015, Spring 2016


  • 2017: Recipient of the Robert L. and Mary L. Sproull University Fellowship, University of Rochester
  • 2017: Recipient of the S. Laurie Sanderson Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Mentoring College of William & Mary
  • 2013: Phi Beta Kappa, Randolph College
  • 2012: Chi Alpha Sigma, Randolph College
  • 2012: Psi Chi, Randolph College

Additional Information

  • College of William & Mary, M.A., Psychology, 2017
  • Randolph College, B.A., Psychology Honors, 2013