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Graduate Students

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Patricia Schultz

Graduate Student
Entry Year: 2011-2012
Faculty Mentor(s): Richard Ryan

494 Meliora Hall
(585) 273-5241
Fax: (585) 273-1100

Research Overview

My research interests lie in better understanding how our mind is connected to health and well-being from both theoretical and practical perspectives. I seek to understand what wellness entails and its consequences for the vitality of life's pursuits, and human health. I am also interested in how the concept of mindfulness can contribute to well-being and happiness through self-regulated activity and achievement of basic psychological needs: autonomy, competence and social connectedness.

From a health perspective, I am interested in investigating the factors that engender lasting positive health-related changes in clinical populations. I am also committed to exploring new paths to well-being enhancement in health care settings. For example, I want to better comprehend the processes through which mindfulness can help alleviate stress and lead to greater vitality or sense of available energy, which in turn may promote less pain and greater overall health.